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Just left Dr........

I went in for a stress test as the last two nights I have been getting contractions for hours and hours that are spaced from 1-2 minutes apart lasting 30-50 seconds. They do grow in intensity and baby girls movement has slowed so we went in just to be safe. Dr said I've definitely got regular contractions happening and she doesn't want to shut it down. She says I'm a week from term (I'm 36 wks) and the contractions combined with my weight loss are good indicators that she will be here soon. She said to get a yoga ball and bounce and just ride it out til she's here. With that said I'm left curious how many other docs out there are or have let women go early and given tips such as bouncing on yoga balls to help the process. I don't fear that it's too early, I'm dilated to a 2 and at my weekly appt Monday I was at a 0. So my body is making this happen, just seems odd that she won't shut it down since so many dr's these days are dead set on 40 wks.
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Re: Just left Dr........

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    From my experience, my OB wanted to get me to 35 weeks after I started having preterm labor at 32 weeks. I made it (and then some) but I'm glad they prevented anything from happening earlier. After 36 weeks, all systems are functioning properly and viability is upwards of 90% (I think up to 98% if I remember correctly), so medical interventions combined with side effects may have just enough risk to outweigh the benefits of getting to 40 weeks. Good luck!
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    I don't have any experience with this, but would trust that doctor knows best. Also just wanted to say good luck and an early congratulations ;)
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    goosenpumpkingoosenpumpkin member
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    I've gone into spontaneous labor 4 times technically preterm and had my babies anywhere from 36 wks to 36 wks 5 days and didn't have so much as a slight case of jaundice. They've all been super healthy. If doc isn't worried, I wouldn't be either.
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    I had threatened pre term labor and was worried throughout my entire pregnancy (long story). My ob, her partner doctors, and my maternal fetal medicine specialist all said that after 34 weeks they will not attempt to stop labor and will not give you steroid shots for lung development. This maybe a hospital/practice type policy but this is what I was told.

    As agm0616 said above at 36 weeks although technically pre term the odds are very much in yours and your babies favor. Trust your body and your doctor. BUT Ask questions if you are uncomfortable. You and your doc are a team and should be on the same page about what is happening.
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