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7 week old nursing question

Hi all,
My DD will be 7 weeks tomorrow and doesn't seem to know when to stop nursing and just seems to constantly want to eat. She sleeps 8-9 hours at night (no complaints there!) and when she's awake during the day will nurse for as long as I let her. I'm sitting here right now with her having just been on one boob and then the other for over an hour. She dozes occasionally but not soundly or long enough for me to put her down or count it as a real nap. Am I supposed to be stopping her from nursing after a certain time? I see some of your little ones nurse for only a few minutes on each side, so I'm wondering if there's someone going on I should be concerned about. Anyone have any tips or words of encouragement? I literally spend all day nursing and I don't remember this happening with my first daughter 5 years ago.
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Re: 7 week old nursing question

  • My first was like that and nursed constantly for a while.  Nothing I could do, just wait it out.  She did not sleep too well during the day and I sometimes wonder if it was because I would make her stop nursing sometimes and maybe wasn't full. 
  • If LO isn't getting full after awhile I cant help but wonder how much fore milk you are producing! Do you ever pump? if so what is the color of the milk? I wish AmyG was still around!!!!!!! If you have all the time in the world to set there I would just soak up that time :)  
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