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Branch as a MN?

Wondering what thoughts where on Branch as a MN? It's a family last name and DH really likes it for a first name...I'm not sold but think it might make a good middle name our DD also has a family MN. Thanks!

Re: Branch as a MN?

  • If anything, middle name.
  • If it's a last name, then that's how it should stay. IMO. What would the first name be?
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  • I wouldnt use it. If there is a certain family member yor H wants to honor, use their first or middle name instead.
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  • I can't imagine it would flow well with any name and it's pretty odd even as a mn. Did you have a fn in mind?

  • If anything then middle, I definitely don't like it for a first. Any thoughts for a first name? That would be easier to say if it works or not
  • Branch as a middle or first name sounds bad to me. If it is a must, put it in the middle spot. Who's last name is Branch? What is their first or middle name? Can you use that instead?
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  • Tree Branch?
    Not a MN


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  • I'm in the minority here, but I like family surnames in the middle name spot. Definitely wouldn't use it as a first name, though.
  • I like including surnames as a middle name. I think it's fine.

  • I prefer twig

  • Thanks for the opinions. Honestly I already know it's not a good name...but I just hated to say no absolutely not when it is a name that comes from his family and he wants to include it. Asking family doesn't help so I really wanted some honset opinions from people who will actually give them. I guess I was just hoping in the MN spot it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe we can find something else we both like.
  • Also all of the first names we are considering are pretty classic....and no none of them seem to flow well with Branch but I was just taking a shot in the dark that maybe meaning would over shadow flow in this case but I'm seeing that it really doesn't. My favorite FN at the moment is Abram and DH seems to like it. I was thinking maybe we could combine that with John his grandfathers FN and that might be a good alternative. I also like Jack Henry but both of those are really popular. I honestly think he thinks the name Branch is cool and different is why he is really pushing for it.
  • I'd absolutely use it as a mn if it has meaning!

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  • Abram John is lovely
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