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Baby fussing on breast and feeding little

dear all,
I m a first time mom and my LO will turn 3 months old on 28 feb. I breast fed my baby for initial 4 days but then my nipples turned sore so started giving forumla using bottle. she was taking bottle ( forumula and breast milk pumped) for around 2 weeks then i started breast feeding and gave bottle only once or twice at night. From the past two weeks she is completely breastfed but she always fussed on breast (earlier I thought it was due to low supply but now when the supply is fine she still fusses).
Earlier she used to feed properly as soon as she wakes up from sleep but from the past 3-4 days she would mind doing that as well. She starts crying and when she would come to one breast she would feed for a minute really fast and start crying then i give her the other breast and she would do the same.
I am really concerned on whether she is getting enough. Her poop pattern has changed today as well, till yesterday she was pooping after every feed but today just once.
I hope my baby does not hate me.. I am really upset because of this. Would really really appreciate a response on this.
Thank you

Re: Baby fussing on breast and feeding little

  • Sounds like she may be a little nipple confused? Bottle nipples take less effort to retrieve milk from, she may be getting frustrated. Have you talked with your ped about it? I had a similar problem with this in the very beginning because they gave my lo a bottle in the hospital but he eventually got the hang of it.
  • My baby gets only 1 bottle for a night feed from DH.  BUT, my baby does the exact same thing to my right breast, feeds frantically and whips off over and over again.  I change his position from football to cradle and he still does it.  So, I end up using a nipple shield and it helps him calm down.  I usually catch him to feed before he cries (except at night though).  So, for the reason they are doing this, I'm not sure because my supply is also good...
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  • It may have something to do with let down, too fast or too slow can be frustrating for baby. Also, lip or tongue tie can cause similar issues. I agree with the others about there possibly being some nipple confusion. Just some things to cross off your list.
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