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Tummy time

My twins are 11 weeks old and I try to do tummy time with them but they get fussy within a few minutes. My question is how long and how often are you doing tummy time each day? They are developing like bald spots on back of their head from sleeping on their back and sitting in bouncy chairs. They don't mind being on their tummies in lap but on floor or bed etc they freak out

Re: Tummy time

  • Do tummy time as often as you can, even if it's just for a few minutes, multiple times a day. It's incredibly important. Prop them up on a Boppy or something similar. Tummy time on you is an option or on your lap but being on the floor is important as they get older so they can start to practice other skills like rolling and pushing up with their arms.


  • LO can get fussy too within a few minutes. I put a blanket with great patterns under her to keep her interested and/or get down there too to talk to her and encourage her--that seems to make her last much longer!
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  • We do it at least once a day. I youtube'd a few different tummy time positions. Fortunately, there's ways to do it other than just putting them on the floor on their bellies. Maybe you'll have some luck that way?
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