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Female Versions of the name Lyle (middle name)

So my grandpa's name was Lyle and we are hoping to name our daughter Emma.  I'm looking for things that would fit with Emma.  

Thanks in advance for your help.  
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Re: Female Versions of the name Lyle (middle name)

  • Lyle is one of the few names it seems anymore that doesn't have an obvious feminine form.

    (Although Nameberry is trying to say it's "cool for a girl" No it's not, fuck you Nameberry)


    Lyla (variant of Leila)

    Flow wise, all of my suggested names that are similar to Lyle sound like a continuation of Emma as opposed to two separate names. I don't think it's that big of a deal since you are specifcally doing this to honor your grandpa. But if that bothers you, look to his middle name or a nickname for possibilities.( My one grandpa was Wilbur, and everyone called him Web, so my nephew is Firstname Web Lastname) 
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    Emma has become so popular over the last 10 years and is still on the top ten list... not sure if that matters to you or not. Personally, I think Lila/Lyla is much nicer. Why not consider it instead of Emma? 

    Lila/Lyla has the same end sound as Emma and it has a feminine twist to your Grandpa's name, Lyle. Love honor names!
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  • I know the most beautiful little girl named Lylah (Lie-la) I think that is the closest female version of Lyle that I know of
  • I agree, I think Lila (lie-la) is the closest to Lyle
  • Lyla. Lilly. Kyla? Elle?
  • I don't think Emma Lyle would be horrible, especially with the meaning behind it. Emma Lila is very pretty.

  • Lyla (or various spellings) is definitely the most feminine version of lyle that I can think of. I know it might have personal meaning and wanting to honour a family member is great, but definitely use the feminine version ^^
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