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New mom on the board

I just wanted to introduce myself. My daughter was born Thursday and I thought I'd join a new parent board :) i also had a question about nursing. My baby won't latch on anymore so I started pumping and bottle feeding. She did great the first 3 nights then she couldn't do it anymore. My mother says it's because I started using pacifiers and it might have given her "nipple confusion"? Can someone explain what this is and if she can learn to latch on again?

Re: New mom on the board

  • Welcome! This happened to us as well. consistency is always best. once you make a decision stick to it for sure :) I suggest the breastfeeding board. Hopefully AmyG finds you! She is helpful and kind. From receiving her help she knows her stuff!

    Congratulations on your bundle!

  • I second the nipple shield. I don't know much about nipple confusion but the shields helped with latching while I was BFing.
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  • Where can I find a nipple shield?
  • Hi there. You can get nipple shields at Babies R Us or most major retailers like Target. Good luck
  • I tried nursing her again this morning and she latched on like a pro!! I can't believe it lol Babies are confusing. And my mother a bought a shield last night for us. Thanks for all the advice anyway guys
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