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Baby names, round 2

Ecat504Ecat504 member
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DD1 is Lucille Claire
Last name sounds like McLovin
Kenneth will be a boys name regardless, we're flipping between Paul, John, and Michael as middle names. DF likes Paul, I like John.
We're stumped on girls names.
Thank y'all :)

Baby names, round 2 82 votes

26% 22 votes
1% 1 vote
0% 0 votes
43% 36 votes
17% 14 votes
10% 9 votes

Re: Baby names, round 2

  • I wouldn't do Fallyn or Rion and Camille and Lucille are a little much as a sibset I think. Charlotte would be my first choice.
  • I would say Charlotte or Elise with Lucille. Camille would be too close.
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  • LovinLife33LovinLife33 member
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    I voted Charlotte, but also like Annelise, which is less common. I like Camille but rhymes too much with Lucille for me.
  • I've always loved the name Elise! I think it's a great choice :)
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  • Either Elise or Charlotte. And as far as the middle name for the boy goes I'd say Paul just because it's less common. I've known so many boys with the middle name John
  • Charlotte

    Fallyn, Rion both should be tossed. Camille is too close to Lucille. I don't care for Annelise and Elise is just alright.

  • I would toss Rion altogether. Camille is nice but rhymes too much with Lucille.

    I like Fallon (spelled this way), but it doesn't go well with Lucille. Unless she goes by Lucy.. that might make it a little better.

    Charlotte is getting really popular, but regardless it's a lovely name (and Charlotte and Lucille is a great sibset).

    Annelise and Elise are also nice!
  • Kenneth Paul & Kenneth John are both great. You can't go wrong there.

    Camille is too close in sound to Lucille.

    I don't care for Fallyn, Rion, or Annelise. Ever since someone mentioned on here that Annelise sounds like "Anal Ease" I haven't been able to look at it the same.

    Elise & Charlotte are both beautiful, and I think they sound great with Lucille. Good luck!

  • WTH is Fallyn and Rion?

  • Is Rion supposed to be Ryan? Or pronounced different? So confused.
  • I voted for Camille before I actually said Camille and Lucille together. I change my vote to Charlotte.

    Elise and Annelise are good too.
    Fallyn and Rion are not.

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  • Fallyn and Rion are terrible especially next to a nice name like Lucille. I like Charlotte and Elise best. Camille is too close to Lucille.

    FWIW I think Kenneth Paul sounds better than Kenneth John but both are nice.

  • WTH is Fallyn and Rion?

    Haha, FTR those were contributions from DF. I added them here with hopes that people would be like "those names suck" so I could prove it to him!
  • Another vote for Elise! I love this name so much. Elise and Lucille would make a lovely sib set. Runner up would be Charlotte. 

    Fallyn and Rion are terrible! Can't stand the "alternate" incorrect spellings. 

    And I agree, Kenneth Paul sounds better than Kenneth John but both are nice choices.
    Vive Les Frasers
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