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I don't even know where to begin

I went to the ER Monday night with some spotting to see a normal heart rate and normal hormone levels (I was 7 weeks, 3 days) Just to go back to the ER tonight with more bleeding to find out I miscarried right after they did a sono that showed no heartbeat while the doctor was examining me. Worst experience of my life! I actually watched the Dr remove the sac from the pan that was underneath me while he did his examination. I just started hysterical crying. I'm having a difficult time with this, much worse than I thought. I feel like something was taken from me without any explanation at all.

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  • i am so sorry for your loss.  i am now going through my 2nd miscarriage currently and it wasn't any easier than the first one.  It gets more manageable day by day. with the first one i went straight into trying to conceive again.  i was obsessed with the process, i used ovulation kits to track my cycle, would tell my husband repeatedly what days we needed to do the baby dance, my husband was silent as he knew i was so hungry for a child of my own and just went with the flow until i was pregnant again.   for me keeping my self obsessed with getting pregnant gave me the control i think i needed.  With my miscarriafes i think the loss of control i had over my own body is what drove me nuts. 
  • I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Hang in there...
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  • It's one of the most painful experiences in life...only time can heal this pain...went for a typical ultrasound on November and there doc told us no hb at 10weeks,baby's heart stopped that same day......I thought that's was a joke but finally had a d&c next day...3 months later still hurts a lot ,I will never forget my first baby but hoping for a rainbow baby....so don't lose hope and cry as much as u need....and always remember good things come to those who wait......
  • There is no pain that compares to losing a baby. I am 34 years old and we so excited about having our first child in June, well three weeks ago (1/29/15)my husband and I went to the ER. I was experiencing severe abdominal pain at (21 weeks) a lonnnng 21 weeks, I had just stopped suffering from hyperemiss gravidium 2 weeks prior to this. I was finally able to eat and enjoying my pregnancy experience! I feel the hospital didn't take my pains serious because there was no sense of urgency even though I expressed being in a lot of pain.....needless to say, I now know that I was having contractions although both nurses and Dr's said I wasn't! Sadly, after almost 2 hours of pain the Dr's decided to examine me and realized I was indeed dilated btw 5.5 and 6 centimeters....my water broke about 30 minutes later and I gave birth to a little Angel Laniya Catalina. She never had a chance because we were a priority!!! I relive this night over and over again; it truly feels like a nightmare!! I'm sad, angry, and determined to get answers from the hospital about normal procedure in such situations as my own. We did have a funeral for her which as brought closure; I'm praying the Lord will bless us again in the future.
  • i am truly sorry about your loss.  my mother had a similar situation before she had me and my sister.  Only time will help you heal, she always talks to us about the past and how hard it was and wonders what if, but also knows she was blessed with two girls.   
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