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so confused, is there something wrong with me?

so this is my story.  started TTC in Jan 2012, conceived that month but sadly miscarriage at 6.5 weeks due to progesterone levels being low.  Started ttc again and conceived but put on progesterone supplements right away since my progesterone levels started to drop and was able to go full term and give birth to my beautiful son who is turning two this week.  i found out i was pregnant again a few weeks ago but sadly it ended in a miscarriage again shortly after getting a positive home pregnancy test, this one was a chemical pregnancy, so both my progesterone and hcg was very low.   i went in for a check up and asked my doctor do i have a problem with fertility?  he said no not at all, it was just bad luck.  he told me i can try again and just take some multi vitamins that contain folic acid.

i am wondering seems if i have a problem.  has anyone has a miscarriage, went to full term and then had another miscarriage? 

Re: so confused, is there something wrong with me?

  • Never posted on this board before, but yes. I had an eptopic about 9 months before conceiving my *almost* two year old. I then had a miscarriage the month before conceiving my 2 month old. I was very afraid to get pregnant again. But I have two wonderful children and I carried them both to full-term.
    I wouldn't have been able to make it without the support of my DH. I was honest with him about my fears and he never made me feel bad. He just held me as I would cry.
    There were/are definitely times I felt like a failure. Like my body wasn't able to do what it was made to do.
    It is very possible to carry a baby to full-term after a miscarriage.
  • does folic acid have something to do with the progesterone?? 
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  • Honestly, it's "normal" and I've heard about it happening a lot. My mother in law had a miscarriage before each of her two children.

    Good luck.
  • Folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects and serious birth defects of the spinal cord, so the doctor recommends it when ttc and during pregnancy.  Progesterone, i do not know why mine are low, i am taking b6 and b12 to maybe help with my progesterone levels.  i am not quite ready to start ttc again but hopefully soon.

    my son is two and full of energy and i work fulltime, ideally i would want to wait a little while longer but am scared to wait to long due to my miscarriage history.   

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