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Cradle cap on face, neck & chest

Hi guys!
This is my first post & foray on this board. I'm a FTM to a little boy. Here's my question :
I just took my son to his 1 month ped appt. and dr confirmed that he has cradle cap on his head, and what looks like tons of tiny bumps on his scalp face neck ears and chest/shoulders is cradle cap as well ( not baby acne like I thought )
She said it should go away in its own in a few months, but I could use head and shoulders in the meantime. Has anyone had success with that as a treatment?
If not, what has worked for you?

His scalp is just mildly dry and peely, not thick and scaly, so that is not such a problem (breast milk helps pretty well) - the bumps everywhere else is my biggest concern. What can I use that is not harsh, but effective?

Re: Cradle cap on face, neck & chest

  • Lots of people swear by coconut oil.


  • Thanks - How do you use the coconut oil? Apply it as a moisturizer after bath? Or before the bath and rinse it off?
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  • I believe you apply it afterward.

    I have always used baby oil on both my kids scalps for cradle cap. Rub it in, then softly brush it out but I don't have experience with cradle cap on the body.


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