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Twin pregnancy (Di/Di)
Wanting to travel at around 28 weeks, in-state, approx. 3 hrs away from my home. Curious as to what your MFM doctors told you about travel?

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  • My OB said I can travel to 28-30wks. I see my MFM next wk and plan to tell him about our 8-hr drive (one-way) to babyshower at 28wks. Hopefully he's ok with it if we promise to stop/walk around every hour. Will let you know!
  • Well, I was still struggling with HEG and wasn't allowed to travel at all. We had wanted to visit my husband's ailing grandmother but my DRs said no way.
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  • We are moving from Japan back the states when I am 26 weeks with mo/di twins. My doctor has said this is ok but she would not approve it after 28 weeks. I did map out all hospitals along my travel so that if I was having any issues I would already know where to go. I would think as long as you have no prior issues they would say it's ok.
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