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considering have a VBAC n a little scared

Well this will be my second baby my son is 2 and will be 3years old 4/28. Im due 4/1 and the 1% risk factor has me nervous about the VBAC everything about my c section is fine for me to have a VBAC i'm just worried I might be that 1% any advice to help me with my decision?????

Re: considering have a VBAC n a little scared

  • Research the risks of both c/S and VBAC and decide which set you are more comfortable with. It's not that a c/s is without risks, they just don't seem to be discussed as much as those associated with a VBAC.
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  • Yep. Research both. I decided on a vbac once I had all the facts. I was one of the unlucky few who did rupture but, while i wish it didn't happen, I don't regret my choice because I was confident going in that I was making the best choice. There was just no way to know.
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  • Edan, I hope it's OK that I ask - I'm considering a VBAC right now, as well. When you ruptured - what happened? Obviously you're OK now, is Baby OK? Did it require surgery? How did you know?
  • I would like to know want happened with your rupture too Edan- as that is the major worry here for us VBAC candidates! If you can share that would be so appreciated.
  • I'm fearful of both delivery methods, but less fearful of the VBAC.  Everyone and even most doctors want to scare us with the stats for rupture, which does happen as Edan mentioned.  I'm sorry to hear that and hope everyone is okay now.  However, then never mention serious c/s complications like accreta.  I'm personally more comfortable with the VBAC due to things like that.  You have to do what you are most comfortable with in the end though.  

    Good luck, it is a hard decision! 
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    So sorry it took me so long to come back and reply! Baby was born with an apgar of 1, but recovered quickly. We are a year out now and he's prefect. Long story but I'll try to give the details that I think would be useful for you all. My water broke in the middle of the night 2 days before my due date. We went to the hospital and contractions were starting slowly but they gave me the minimal dose of pitocin to get them going. Labored for a while, got the epidural, still felt pain during contractions, got the epidural replaced, felt awesome! Fell asleep, but was awoken shortly after with awful pain on my right side. They thought the epidural may not be working again so they had me trying to roll on my side to try to distribute it better, which made it actually much worse.. By this point I was about fully dialated so they had me start to push, but the pain was by far the worst I ever felt and it was constant. I pushed for about 2 hours, throwing up from the pain every time... Finally they tried to vacuum him out and after 3 tries gave up and took me to the OR to do a section... In the OR they couldn't get me numb enough and I was yelling to just let me go to sleep so finally they put me under general, meanwhile I could hear talk about baby's heart rate having issues... When they opened me up they realized I had ruptured... Took baby out. He had an apgar of 1 but they got him going and by 5 min it was up to 8.. He went to the nicu while they continued to work on me for 3 hours. My scar tissue had fused my uterus to my bladder and cervix so they all tore.. I needed 4 pints of blood and a catheter bag for 2 weeks. They told my husband they were going to need to do a hysterectomy but they ended up being able save my uterus. Long recovery and no more kids for us which is kind of ironic because those were the 2 main factors in my choosing to vbac... Of course if i could go back and choose differently knowing what I do now I would, but I've learned that often women who rupture feel a lot of guilt for choosing a vbac. I don't have that really because I did do my research and I was, and still am confident that vbac was statistically the safest choice for me. I was just unlucky, and at the same super lucky because me and son both made it through. I'd just make sure you and also your husband or support person are well aware of common signs of rupture so you can push the issue if something does happen...I thought since the baby's heart rate was fine, I hadn't ruptured...I thought it was just the pain of labor because I had never been in labor before. I've since learned that it is fairly common to have pain with rupture that is not covered up by epidural and doesn't stop between contractions... I wish I'd have known and also coached my husband because I was really in no shape to advocate for myself at that point... Luckily my kids has a giant head and was not coming out. :) Sorry for the long post. Not trying to scare anyone but just be prepared!
  • Sorry for the wall of text also... My phone didn't keep my formatting...
  • I would also recommend finding a local ICAN chapter in your area. I started attending meetings prior to TTC. I have been going for almost a year. I have learned SO much about myself, my feelings about my c/s and facts about VBAC. However, most importantly I found women who are extremely supportive and understanding of my feelings. Check out

    Eden, thank you for sharing your story!

  • Edan, Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that you had a "happy" ending to your story. (Yes, I recognize it's not happy - but way better than the alternative!) That was exceptionally informative and helps me feel a little more comfortable.

    I'm attending an ICAN meeting tonight in my area. I've been to a few events before, but this will be my first while pregnant. I'm eager and anxious all at once, but hoping they can provide some support for me.
  • I'm happy to share my story and please just let me know if you have any questions. I know there is not much info out there about rupture.
  • Evan! I'm so glad you both made it through!! What an ordeal!
  • It auto corrected your name! Sorry Edan
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