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Period, then no period?

Hi Ladies - It has been awhile since I last posted...LO is def keeping me busy! But now I have a long after birth did it take to get your period back on a normal schedule? I stopped breastfeeding after 4 months and 2 weeks later, I got my period. It has been completely normal since then...that is until now. I am currently 4 days late (and NO, I can not be pregnant). Am I still in the realm of normalcy to have screwy periods @ 8 months post baby? TIA
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Re: Period, then no period?

  • Were your periods regular before you were preggo? Once you stop BFing, periods usually return within 6 mos or so. Everyone is different and there's a wide range of "normal," Once you wean, you should expect it to return in a few months but it's kinda strange for it to stop again if it was on the normal track. I'd say call your OB just to check
  • You're regular until you aren't. There is no need to contact your doctor until you go 60 days without your period or a +HPT.
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