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Things change overnight (Movement!)

Several days ago I noticed that my baby wasn't moving as much. 
I didn't freak out because sometimes she goes through a period where she will be super active and then calm down for a couple of days to seemingly recover her energy. 

Well...she still doesn't move like she used to and it finally did begin to worry me. 
I took a long warm bath a couple of days ago since shes mostly active when I'm in the tub or laying in bed. 
I had my phone in there with me and had my arms on my tummy holding my phone when I saw a huge movement. I didn't actually look at my belly to see this...I only noticed it because it moved my arms and phone up and then went back down. Weird. I didn't even really feel it on the inside so much and you would expect that a big movement would be felt! 

Well...I put my phone down and just watched and felt my belly for the harder spots. I noticed now that instead of the jumps that my belly used to make...its now more like a bulge pushing on certain areas. This happens mostly around my belly button and to the sides of it. I've even started noticing bulges above my belly button. 

It is so interesting watching her move. I was thrilled when I first started feeling her, but now being able to clearly see her movements and rolls is just so amazing. 

Anyone else seem to notice the change in movements for what seems like overnight? 

Also, where about is your baby moving most? Mine is mostly 2 inches any direction around my belly button. 


Re: Things change overnight (Movement!)

  • I've noticed the same thing. She's got less room and her movements are presses rather than jabs. I can feel them very well and see them too, through clothes! I give her something sweet like fruit or chocolate to get her moving :)
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  • I still feel him moving a lot. But I have noticed that his movements are mostly coming from below my belly button. He must be staying low is all I can figure
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  • I feel it!! It's so amazing I'll star at my tummy for hours! She loves to kick the sides of my stomach and toward the belly button! It's an amazing feeling! But she's starting to keep me up at night because she'll move all night!
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