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Questions!!! FTM, anxiety is striking. Help.

I've struggled with depression, anxiety, and compulsive disorders through out my life. I've always had this thing for picking at my scalp which I know is considered dermatillomania, which I have never been diagnosed for because it's something I could easily conceal. Lately I've started to notice that it's gotten worse. I find myself picking constantly and at times I don't even realize I'm doing it. Some times I can't even stop because it's like something I have to just accomplish and get over with. But it never ends it's getting worse. Is this something I should talk to my Dr about?!?!?!?! I'm not sure how to go about this right now.

Re: Questions!!! FTM, anxiety is striking. Help.

  • Of course it's something you should talk to your doctor about!
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  • Yes definitely mention it to your ob! Not sure how they can help while pregnant, but he/she will definitely have more ideas than me! haha. So I'd ask. Being a FTM FILLS you with anxiety. 

    When I was pregnant with my first, at like 5 months pregnant- I made up a schedule of my hubby and I taking turns. I read all the books and knew she'd probably sleep 2-3 hour stretches, so I literally made excel spreadsheets with all the different times she could wake, and which of us would wake with her to change her and comfort her and put her back down. I also made a schedule for who made dinner each night and another list of possible dinner options with recipes. OMG. Like, how did my husband not just run away???

    Anyways- all that shit went straight out the window. Our lives were pure chaos and I survived off BBQ chips and water for like 7 weeks. But yknow what, we survived! And looking back- we love it! And even in the middle of it, we were lovin every second. I totally hear you on feeling anxious. But I'd def talk to your doctor. It's probably a little awkward to bring up, but I promise- the OB has seen worse. (ahem, at least I know mine has...)
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  • Thanks for the advice it really helps. I'm exactly the same way I already have dad on a schedule I write everything down I plan everything it's just so much and I feel like it all needs to be in order ever though I know it will never work that way. At least it will help me knowing I've tried. I need some type of order or guidelines and with a baby it's going to be very chaotic so I need some tangible evidence to support my mind on thinking it's a bit orderly lol. Thank you though greatly appreciated.
  • I've struggled with OCD and anxiety as well. This is the first time in 15 years I haven't been on meds. Thankfully, I'm not doing too bad, but it's something I keep an eye on. If you notice it getting worse, definitely talk to your doctor. Mental health is nothing to brush off. My OB said that meds are always an option if needed - sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks. Take care of yourself, mama! You can't take care of your little one if you're not taken care of! Good luck!!
  • One CBT strategy is blocking the behavior. Would a wide hair band cover the area of the scalp you are drawn to? By doing so you would have a reminder that you are doing it, and may reduce the unconscious behavior.
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