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3rd Trimester

Stretch Marks, Genetics & Tall Mama's

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I know they say stretch marks are genetic and yes, my mom got a lot of stretch marks from her pregnancies but mom is 5'2" and I'm 5'9". 
Both my sisters have had babies and they are both smaller than got ZERO  and is 5'6" but she gave birth at 20 so I'm afraid her youthful skin was on her side (I'm 31). My other sister is tiny like my mom and got a lot. 
Am I foolish to think I can get away with none? Any tall moms out there not get any stretch marks even though her tiny mom did? Does height even matter at all?? I know this is such a silly thing to be worried about but I'm curious.
I'm 31w2d and no marks yet, also use tummy butter just in case. 
Also, I was 140lb pre-pregnancy and have gained 20lbs so far. 

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  • Thanks ladies, sounds like height doesn't mean squat and it's just a personal thing. I really don't mind getting them but was curious. 
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  • All genetics....
  • Thanks everyone! Now 34w4d and nothing visible. But I had no idea they could just be hiding until after! The closer I get, the less I care about marks and the more I can't wait to meet baby :D
  • Stretch marks actually occur deep in the fascia( not at surface, though you can see them there) So, the creams do nothing. I had none with my first and just woke up with one this time around at 38 weeks. Don't worry about them since there is nothing you can do to prevent them. 
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