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breech babies

Hi there
The past 2 Ultrasounds I've gotten this little guy is breech! I want him to flip any suggestions?

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  • check out! and also, I heard chiropractor's can help! Mine said he wouldn't try though. 
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  • How many weeks are you? My baby is turned sideways and the midwife said they don't even start to worry until 34 weeks. However, if you really want to try something, my prenatal yoga instructor says that downward dog and similar positions encourage turning. Acupuncture as well. But, before you invest time and money into it, I would wait a bit longer.

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  • I've heard a lot about spinning babies website.

    My little guy was head down kicking me in the ribs at my ultrasound this morning and now he's kicking me in the bladder. I'm 29 weeks. I wouldn't worry at this point, it's still roomy in there.
  • Too early to start worrying, most babies flip by 35 weeks.
  • My first baby was like a pendulum and wasn't head down even at 40 weeks after I had the flipping procedure done.  He was born at 41 weeks and was thankfully head down when I went into labor. Some babies are just really stubborn :)
  • Don't worry about it until you're 32 weeks - then get scrubbing that floor! :)
  • Yes I'm 29 weeks today... thanks for the advise ladies.... he just looks so uncomfortable in there like that too...haha I'm in mama protection mode
  • My first one was breech till about 34 weeks.
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  • My son was breech and I did the old trick of standing on your head. Well I didn't really stand on my head but I got on the couch, put my head down and feet in the air. This required my hubby helping;) It worked! Went back and he was head down. My friend recently did the same thing and it worked for her too! I only stayed in that position a minute or two. I didn't want to get faint from blood rushing to my head. It's an old trick but I guess it works sometimes . Did for her and me;)
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  • I was 36 weeks when I did this and she is due anytime now;)
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  • Just curious, how do you tell if your baby is breech? Can docs tell by when they listen for the heart beat or when measuring fundal height? Just asking because I'm not having any more ultrasounds that I know of.

  • @SmrBrd2012 they can tell just by feeling I think.  They wont worry about it right now.  With DD my Dr. was 99% sure she was head down but brought in the portable u/s machine to double check when I was about 38 weeks. 

  • How often fid you do that? Or just once?
  • One of the online prenatal yoga classes I took claimed that cow/cat poses move the baby to head down. But yes, what other ppl said, it's too early to worry.
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