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Hello, I have been a lurker on the Sept. 2015 board and after my first ultrasound on Thursday, looks like I belong here as we found out we are having twins! (This is my first pregnancy) I was 9w 5d at the time of my appointment and my doctor's office usually doesn't do an ultrasound until week 12. My doctor was just going to try and find the heartbeat with the Doppler, and after not being able to find it after about a minute I started to think the worst, she could tell I was getting worried and said she would see if the ultrasound tech could squeeze me in. Looking at the screen it was very obvious right away that it was twins, but I was just so relieved to see a heartbeat I didn't even have time to process that there are two! Needless to say, I am excited yet terrified. I feel like I was so shocked that I didn't even have a chance to ask my doctor any questions. I bought When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, and Quads by Dr. Barbara Luke and have started reading that and I have a few questions: I know you can't plan these things, but should I be preparing to be out of work by a certain point? Did anyone continue to exercise while pregnant with multiples? I have been a fairly serious runner for years and have been continuing to jog/ fast walk on the treadmill 4 or 5 times a week but don't want to continue if I am risking harming the babies. again, these are just 2 questions I didn't get to ask my Dr. And plan on talking to her about at my next appointment, I would just love to hear from others who have been through it. Thanks in advance!

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  • As far as being out if work - entirely unpredictable... I will say things got much more tiring around week 25/26. That being said everyone's different. I had consistent contractions from week 29 on, my OB never issued bedrest as our practice doesn't think it's helps slow things. I had steroid shots at 32 wks to help mature my girls lungs as labor was "imminent", but didn't deliver till 36 wks even. (No NICU time!)

    As for working out - it's safe to continue doing what you've been doing. Not advised to start "new" routines that your body's not already use to. Unless, of course your OB specifically says not to workout.

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  • I am a dancer and dance teacher. I stopped dancing at 12 weeks, but continued teaching until the week before I delivered. I taught "low impact" at first, then with the help of an assistant to demonstrate for me. The last few weeks I taught by mostly sitting in a chair. I was sick and very achy and tired, plus had a bleeding scare at 12 weeks that made me feel like it was best. Just showering and walking to and from my car to get to work was a workout for me by the third trimester. I was put on bed rest at the end of my pregnancy and delivered early at 35 weeks.

    My Dr said that our bodies are pretty remarkable about "communicating" to us. While it is generally safe to continue exercising if you were active before your pregancy, your body will tell you when it's time to slow down. Mine definitely did. Everyone is different, though. You may be able to continue running for several weeks. Even though I was very limited during the pregnancy,  I was able to return to dancing at 8 pp weeks and did a performance by 16 weeks pp. I was pleased with how my body recovered.

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  • I know you can't plan these things, but should I be preparing to be out of work by a certain point?   I also just read that book and her whole, "Plan on not working after 24 weeks" thing is a joke to me.  Not once does she validate the financial concerns for an expecting mother ... let alone one with multiples!  I will work until the doc tells me not to.  Hopefully I can work until I deliver (ideally at 38 weeks!) but it's different for everyone.  I know some (most!) who worked until that point and others who were put on bed rest for various reasons.  Just gotta wait and see ... and keep everything crossed!  :) 

    Did anyone continue to exercise while pregnant with multiples?  Before getting pregnant, I ran (3x week), weight lifted (3x week) and did hot yoga (2x week).  I stopped only because my "morning" sickness was so awful.  Working out loses it appeal when you're throwing up all day (although it's a catch 22 because now I feel awful since I've stopped working out!).  I've made it to the gym on a couple good days with the intention of starting a routine back up but then I vomit all day the next time I'm supposed to go!  LOL.  Same with hot yoga (though I take that super easy).  I tried running and physically can't.  I'm out of breath after 2 seconds, so now I brisk walk whenever I can.  I will do what I can now until I feel better, and then I'll do what I can then!  Hopefully I'll get back to the gym but we'll see.  Docs all seem to say you can continue doing what you were doing pre-pregnancy with necessary modifications if/when necessary.

    Oh, I'm 15w today with spontaneous twins (I think that's the "politically correct" way of saying that?!  lol).  :D

  • Ob won't give a Dr note/FMLA unless there's clinical reason, contractions for example. I took myself out of work at 34 weeks because it felt so uncomfortable to drive to work so I'm using vacation time until FMLA kicks in, when my c section is scheduled next week. I didn't exercise the whole pregnancy because I had spotting twice early pregnancy and put on bed rest on/off and then I had low lying placenta and was told no sex, working out, stairs etc.
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  • Thank you all for your input- I appreciate it! Even though I am beyond thrilled, this experience has felt kind of lonely so far- I am one of the first of my friends and THE first of family to get pregnant, let alone with multiples, so it is nice to be able to get advice from people who have been there!
  • Also surprise spontaneous twins here. I am a competitive marathon runner. Was averaging about 50-60 miles/week when I got pregnant. I had terrible sickness and some 1st trimester bleeding issues so stopped everything at week 8. Light weights and slow walks restarted at week 14, but only 2-3 times per week.
    I was told that I couldn't work full time starting at 24 weeks but I didn't listen. My water broke last weekend at 30 weeks and I'm currently in bedrest in the hospital. Just listen to your body. Don't push it. Runners tend want to push through stuff and be tough. Do NOT do this. Everyone here says this couldn't be avoided, but I can't help but think that I could have changed this outcome if I stopped full time work a little sooner....listen to your body!!!!
  • @allymas‌ positive thoughts to you! That has to be nerve wracking- I hope they stay put a little longer! I am definitely taking it easy when it comes to running- I slipped and fell on the ice at about 7 weeks and that was enough to scare me to the treadmill for fast walks for now. My dad can't wait to buy me a double jogging stroller so I can get back at it quick ( we run together a lot) I can't wait to tell them about all the 5ks they ran with me before I knew I was having twins! Haha
  • Oops, posted that under my old username by mistake!
  • Again...oops!
  • Yes @KCwalza146‌!!! Luckily I already had a baby shower and my double BOB jogger is ready to go! I can't wait until they are old enough to run with them! I have so many stories for these kids when they are older! Can't wait until they are misbehaving and I can pull the "do you know what you put me through?" card. These kids are already causing so much stress...I'm in trouble :)
  • My dr. Took me out of work around 24 weeks, but my job was very physically demanding and long (12 hr days). I was swelling really badly. I.was a gym goer before I got pregnant, but was so sick in the beginning I quit going. Now I make sure to take a daily walk. I'm 28 weeks.
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