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decision on my babys last name

This is an odd question im sure.. But im going to be a single mother because the man who fathered my chiLd wants nothing to do with her or myself after 6 years of being together and me helping raise his 2 children... I want to give her my last name but many people are telling me to do otherwise. I know he will not sign a birth certificate i know he wont be there for the birth or for us in general. I dont want him to have any rights for her.. When he has wished so much evil upon us.. But also will it affect me applying for child support? I live in Texas just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar and what they did... TIA.

Re: decision on my babys last name

  • i don't think it would impact child support. he is the father regardless of the last name, and simply having/not having the same last name doesn't mean anything. it sounds like giving her your last name is the best thing to do.

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  • I'd give her my last name if I were in your situation.  As far as child support goes, the way you say he's acting, I doubt he'll willingly give in to providing child support.  You'll more than likely have to get a paternity test done, which will prove he's the father and that should be enough.  I don't think your daughter having a different last name will make a difference one way or another.
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  • I would want the child to have the same last name as me whether or not the dad is in the picture. If he is wanting nothing to do w you or the baby he doesn't deserve to have the honor of his baby having his last name.
  • I would give the baby the name of the family s/he will grow up and thrive in. Name the father on the bc if you decide, but he hasn't earned the title or right to have the baby grow up with what would be the name of a stranger.
  • That's crazy! I definitely vote for her having your last name! For reasons listed above but also, why would you give her the last name of someone who could care less? She's your life now and you should be so happy that she'll have your last name! Congrats on the girl and good luck! :smile: you can do it.
  • My father suggested it. I was in shock myself. He wasnt the best father to be giving advice plus he doesnt know all the facts. Says she has a right to her fathers last name. I dont think he has the right to shit after how he has left us.
  • Do not even put his name on the Birth Certificate!! This will give him ALL rights to the baby. Leave the section BLANK. My best friend made that mistake and her babys father ran off with the baby and the police couldn't do anything about it because his name was on there! As far as the last name, i would give her your name... A pathetic man like that doesn't deserve it. Plus, when your daughter gets older, how will you explain why that is her last name when he left you before she was born. Men, ugh.. Driving women crazy since the beginning of time!!
  • If you want child support, the court systems may want evidence as to him being the father, and then this gives him rights to the baby. If you don't want to deal with that, you may have to let go of the child support idea.

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