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:-) Plant based mamas?

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Any fellow vegans on here?

Re: :-) Plant based mamas?

  • klirwin82 said:

    Thought this was going to be a pro-420 post. Whoops.

  • I'm not vegan, but have been a vegetarian for 19 1/2 years!

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  • Awesome!! It is nice to meet some other vegan/vegetarians on here!

  • I'm not vegan or vegetarian but my husband and I are mostly pescitarian. The only time we stray from it is if we are on vacation or if we go out to eat (which is very rarely). We do it for health reasons, my husband got a few blood clots after a surgery and cutting out red meat helped him so much so we just stopped buying other meats as well aside from seafood.
  • Just curious, will you ladies raise your baby(babies) vegan or vegetarian?
  • I'm a vegetarian and have been for a long time. My husband eats meat. We have an understanding the if he wants it he has to make it. Our child will probably eat at least some meat until she can make her own decision.

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  • Our baby will be raised vegan.
    My husband and I are both vegan. :)
  • I've been vegetarian for 22 years now. It was my idea when I was 4. My husband eats meat. I told him if he wants our son to eat meat he will have to prepare is and feed it to him. But I hear babies/toddlers are partial to what they've already had in the womb so he might not even like meat. Which I'm hoping ;)
  • Yes, our child will be raised following our diet (just as any family raises their child eating the same things they eat) until they are old enough to decide for themself.

  • @KatrinaPR‌
    Have you had any odd vegan cravings? :)
  • @n&;krosebabt

    I grew up eating meat (stopped as a young adult over 11 years ago) so a lot of my cravings involve faux meat. For instance, this past week I was obsessed with turkey BLTs. I had delicious toasty bread with mayo, lettuce, juicy tomato, Tofurky hickory smoked "turkey", and crispy Upton's "bacon." I still have no desire whatsoever to eat actual meat. Other than that I'm quite obsessed with fresh fruit.

    How about you??

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    I can not get enough of orange juice and corn pasta Haha

    Did you have morning sickness at all?
  • Oh have you tried the Earth Balance brand of Vegan white cheddar popcorn? Incredible stuff lol
  • I only had nausea, but without vomiting. What about you? Orange juice has been in the rotation for several weeks now, as well. That popcorn is SO good! We first found it in October when we were on our honey moon in Seattle. I don't know where you're located, but Seattle was so vegan friendly we just loved it. I live nearly an hour from Chicago. We don't have any vegan restaurants out this way, so it's always a big trip to the city through Chicago traffic to get to the good stuff :)

  • @adawn1981‌ @k3taeko‌ @snlinega‌ @ashleytiff‌

    What about the other women on here - are you located in veg-friendly areas?

  • I live in Greensboro, NC. We have one dedicated vegetarian restaurant but a lot of others have a lot of options on their menus.  My favorite place is this taco restaurant downtown - I get the vegan chorizo taco and the black bean and corn taco.  I do love going out of town though to see what cool restaurants there are.   

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  • Yay, other vegans!!  My husband isn't vegan and we are raising our children to be open to a wide variety of food, with meat being a "sometimes" food.  I wasn't raised vegan or vegetarian, and hope that my kids will make that decision on their own.  I feel like by choosing that lifestyle, I own it and am proud of it more than I would be if I hadn't been given a choice.

    I'm in Syracuse NY, which is actually quite vegan friendly.  We have a fully vegan cafe (Stronghearts) which has a full menu and amaaazing cupcakes and milkshakes.  The grocery stores and many other restaurants around town are vegan friendly, too.
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    We live just an hour away from Nashville so it's pretty vegan/vegetarian friendly. Lately I've been craving buffalo chicken salads so I've been using those morning star buffalo flavored chik patties and they've been amazing! A lot of the grocery stores here have many options to choose from so it's pretty easy.

    @qtjo5‌, I feel like vegan/vegetarian/etc. families are no different than families that eat well.. Everything, when it comes to raising their children. No matter what your diet is, the kids eat whatever the parents eat and purchase until they can decide for themselves what they do or don't want to eat.
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    @KatrinaPR‌ I was vomiting throughout my 1st trimester. Now it is about once a week. I hope it slows down more though now and I am almost 19 weeks. Lol

    How far along are you now?

    I am in Dallas. It is pretty vegan friendly..... I have a whole foods about 15 minutes from me which is nice!
    And an amazing vegan diner about 45min from me which is heavenly! :D

    I absolutely love talking vegan/vegetarian pregnancies!!
  • @k3taeko‌ I totally agree with you. Vegan families are no different. The kiddos are raised to follow the same lifestyle as the parents. ;)
  • Our nearest Whole Foods is about half an hour away. I doubt we'd ever get one where I live. We do have several other stores 10-15 minutes away that have a lot of great options, though - and less expensive than Whole Foods :) There are TONS of great places to eat in Chicago. It's funny because I was raised in the city, but as an adult I'm so suburban that going to Chicago seems like a huge effort. Is this your first pregnancy, @n&;krosebabt ? I'm 20 weeks tomorrow :) Half way mark!!

  • Have you ladies been feeling movement yet? I'm almost 18 weeks with my first pregnancy and still can't tell... It's so nerve wracking, I just want to feel my baby move already lol
  • @KatrinaPR‌ Yes, Whole Foods can get expensive! This is my first pregnancy! ;)
    What about you? Do you know what you are having?

    @k3taeko‌ I have started feeling movement since 17 weeks. It feels like little flips....you will feel it soon I am sure. ;)
  • @k3taeko‌ I am 20 weeks tomorrow and only in the past week or so am I sure that it's baby moving and not just gas sensations. It's still fairly soft and not too frequent. I've heard that there are a lot of factors that can make you feel it later in pregnancy. It drove me nuts waiting to feel something "for sure." Hang in there :)

    @n&;krosebabt This is my second pregnancy, I had a miscarriage 4 years ago. We have our 20 week anatomy scan tomorrow and I'm SO excited to find out what we are having!! Are you/did you find out what you are having??

    I like to use Whole Foods for specialty items I can't get elsewhere... Like a few weeks ago when I "needed" whipped "cream" on my hot fudge sundae ;)

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    @KatrinaPR‌ I am so sorry to hear that.

    Oh how exciting!!! We have our scan in two weeks, and I can't wait to see if everything is okay, and to see what we're having. You will have to let me know how yours goes tomorrow! :)

    Do you have a feeling that you're having one gender over the other?
  • I've been vegetarian for 23 years. My hubby is not, but he's the cook in our house so he make whatever he wants and always makes me wonderful vegetarian things. He doesn't eat meat every day, just a few days a week.

    My two sons are meat eaters, one more than the other. We decided we would let them eat it if they like. My 5 year old eats meat maybe once a week but eats fish more frequently. My 3 year old eats meat several times a week but not all meals have a meat component.
  • @n&;krosebabt  Thank you.  I hope your two weeks fly by!  Other than having a dream that it is a boy, I have no clue what's going on in there :)  We will find out tomorrow morning!  Do you have a feeling about what you're having?  

  • @KatrinaPR‌ My husband and I have a feeling it is a boy, but absolutely have no preference. I just can't wait to find out. :)
    Ah I bet you are so excited for tomorrow!!
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    @KatrinaPR‌ How did your anatomy scan go today?? ;)
  • @n&;krosebabt
    It went very well - we're having a girl!!! :)

  • @KatrinaPR‌ Oh, I am so glad!!
    How exciting! :x Any names picked out?
  • @n&;krosebabt

    For some reason we had focused more on boy names... So far for a girl we like Francis (nick name Frankie) and Ava Grace, but we are very undecided at this point! I want something with religious meaning (we are Catholic) and I also adore girl's names that have boy nick names. Any suggestions?? Have you picked out any names yet?

  • We are Catholic too. \:D/
    I am totally with you on liking religious meaningful names!!

    Ava Grace is beautiful!
    What about Samantha(Nickname Sam)?

    We have Levi Jude for a boy and we are going between Lucy Elizabeth or Sydney Elizabeth for a girl. :)
  • There are other vegan Catholics?!?! Who knew! :grinning:

    I like all three of your choices! I am considering Elizabeth as a first name, I think it's beautiful.

    Love Samantha, but it's my nieces name. We also have a Josephyne (Joey.) I really liked Samuel for a boy and Joan for a girl - but don't want two Sams or two Jos in the group of cousins. (Joan as in Joan of Arc - love the version by Mark Twain!)

    I am on a kick reading books about Saints and I also tend to make an extra effort to spend time with my bible during Lent, so I figure names will keep coming to me that way :)

  • @KatrinaPR‌

    I love Elizabeth. It is my middle name and I changed my middle name to my maiden name when I got married.... So I want to bring Elizabeth back. Haha :blush:

    Oh, great idea! I have a feeling God will speak to you. ;)

    Do you like Claire(like Saint Claire)? I think it is so pretty.
  • @n&;krosebabt

    I also took my maiden name as my middle when I got married, but I wasn't replacing anything as I was not given a middle name. My father had never heard the end of this :) He apparently hated having to write out his whole name in school (by the time I was in grammar school this was not a requirement.) No one ever believed me that I didn't have a middle name, they thought I was just hiding it because it was embarrassing.

    I think you're right ;)

    Claire is nice, I hadn't thought of it - now I'll have to go look up the Saint!

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    Wow, what a funny story. At least you have a middle name now :) lol

    Yea, she was one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. Pretty neat.

    Also, Theresa is really pretty for a little girl. I have a devotion to Saint Therese(the little flower).
    Ok, I will stop shouting out names now lol
  • @n&;krosebabt

    I don't mind suggestions! I was just reading more about St. Francis today, actually. I took Francis as my confirmation name when I went through RCIA a few years ago :)

    If we were having a boy we were going to use Lawrence as the middle name, after my grandfather who just passed in September. Since we found out it's a girl, I was trying to figure out a way to still honor him. I was looking at a Catholic baby name site today and came across Lorenza - a female version of Lawrence. I think it's pretty :)

    I agree Theresa is pretty - what would a nick name be? Love "little flower", I remember reading that in My Sisters the Saints. Great book by Colleen Carroll Campbell if you haven't read it.

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