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Vent...5th disease

A kid in my classroom has been diagnosed with 5th disease and we have several possible other cases which can't be confirmed bc their symptoms were last week. I told management that these kids had something but nothing was done and now 2 teachers including myself Andre at risk and 1 possible parent. I get parents work bc I myself have to go to work but seriously! Anyone else have an experience with 5th disease while pregnant?

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  • Just that I have managed to have two young kids in daycare and I am still not immune! I don't know how I have not yet been exposed.

    It's really hard to distinguish fifth's disease from any other random virus a kid may have until it's too late (rash developed and no longer contagious). There is really nothing you could have done differently. Where you tested in early pregnancy to see if you are already immune? My doc did (and I'm not immune). She said that if I think I have had exposure, to come back to repeat the test. If I now test positive, they would monitor baby closely by ultrasound to see if fluid builds on the brain. I'm assuming they would induce baby if it got too bad. She said that even with exposure, the fluid on the brain is still pretty rare and she's never had any complications due to it.

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  • I am sorry, that is scary.  It doesn't help I'm sure to say someone who thought they had it did not with my last pregnancy, but we thought I had been exposed.  Your doctor can test your titers, which is all they can do to relieve you at this point.  I have known a couple of women who were exposed and got it and the babies had different experiences, from nothing to severe.  Smurf has good advice, I have immunity thankfully so I did not need to be tested more, but they can follow you much closer.
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  • My nephew exposed me to 5th disease about two months back.  Luckily, I had 5th disease 6 years ago, so I have an immunity built up.
    Call your OB, they can do a blood test to see if there is anything to worry about.  If you catch it early, it shouldn't be a big deal.

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  • I have never been tested but I have a doc appt tomorrow and will mention it while I'm there.
  • How did you appointment go @zinmomma

    My two boys are getting a surprise May 2015!

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  • No experience with 5ths, but as a teacher, I sympathize with you and agree that is annoying. 

    We had 5 kids with Influenza A and still coming to school before winter break. 
    My MIL was diagnosed with pneumonia recently and didn't bother to tell anyone she was sick before getting treated, and exposed my SIL who is 34 weeks pregnant and an asthmatic. (glad I skipped that visit as someone who also has asthma and is 24 wks.) 

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  • A kid in the classroom next door also has this. The nurse at our school keeps telling me to be careful. Im not real sure what she expects me to do. Our classrooms connect, the classes play together, and they share bathrooms. I've already had the flu, bronchitis and strep. Basically, everything the kids bring in I get. It's really frustrating.

    P.S.- I didn't even know what the heck this was until today.
  • My son had it 3 months ago. I had bloodwork done and results were I am ammune to it. Had it when I was young. If you catch it, they'll put you on an antibotic.
  • A child in my school had a suspected case of 5ths and I was reassigned to a new school and a supply was placed on my room for 3 weeks. Does your school
    Board have a an agreement / contract with it's teachers? Mine clearly outlines that in that case I have the choice to leave and work somewhere else and get paid.
  • I teach kindergarten and a student has fifth disease. My doctor ordered blood work for me and it came back positive so they ordered additional blood work to confirm if the virus is still active. I also developed a rash that started on my abdomen and has now spread to my chest and back which could be fifth disease or could be something else.

    I too understand parents work but if your child has something contagious they should be kept home to keep other students and teachers safe and healthy.

    Good luck!!
  • They took blood but haven't heard back. My appt didn't exactly go the way I imagined so I'm more worried about that more than anything. Thank you @smurf605‌ for asking. :)
  • I'm sorry you had a bad appointment @zinnmomma. I hope you get good blood results back.

    My two boys are getting a surprise May 2015!

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  • Any news zinnmomma?
  • From what i heard it's one of the most common childhood illnesses. Something like 90% of children get it..And if you had it as a child you are immune. If you happen to contract it, you and baby will be just fine since im assuming your in your 3rd trimester. A little boy i babysit had it, and the advice i gave you above is words from my doctor.
  • I'm in a similar boat, but with scabies. One of my students has scabies and raw skin where the mites have infected her. I called my OB and she said that I shouldn't be near her, touch her and I have to disinfect any furniture that she touches. 

  • I've had in my school and classroom and both times I notified my ob of the cases they weren't concerned because they say teachers are more than likely immune. There is no treatment for it other than to monitor and treat the symptoms so if anything were to show I'd go from there
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