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Sleep training question

Has anyone sleep trained using the no cry sleep methods?


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Re: Sleep training question

  • I have the book good night sleep tight. It is a non CIO method. I just started reading it but it makes sense but my LO is teething really bad so I'm waiting. If you want to get the book I recommend just buying the work book.
  • I am trying it right now and taking it really slow. The program I'm using has two "mini steps" you can try before officially starting Day 1 of sleep training. So for now I am going through DS's bedtime routine then rocking/singing to him until he starts to get visibly sleepy. Then I put him down "sleepy but not asleep" and do whatever is needed to soothe him to sleep. If he gets really worked up I pick him up, calm him down an start over again. For the first few nights of the mini steps it's ok to soothe him all the way to sleep but soon that will change and I need to be careful keep him calm but make sure he falls asleep by himself. This is my second day doing it and the jury is still out. He's not screaming himself to sleep anymore like he did when we tried CIO but the whole routine takes a long time (about 30 mins of singing, back patting etc AFTER his bedtime routine) so it takes a lot of patience. Our goal though is for him to be able to put himself to sleep without crying every time and so far, I'm hopeful this will help if we can stick with it.
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  • seamonkey0814 well I guess we are on mini steps because thats what we are at right now. 


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  • I am working with " trading down sleep associations" approach from ISIS. THey have a bunch of videos about it here: 

    It is the only legitimate no crying option I have found. You can cuddle and comfort them constantly so they never get too upset. It only took 4 nights for me to move my 5 month old from co-sleeping to her crib and waking up every 1 1/2 hours to sleeping from 7pm to 7:45am and only waking up 2 times to be fed. There was no prolonged crying or "controlled comforting" intervals. 

    I am surprised that so few people know about this approach. It is so easy!
  • I got my crib and now I get the mattress tomorrow. Her room is not ready yet so she will still be in our room


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