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L&D Nurse Gifts???

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Hi Ladies,

Is anyone considering doing little thank you gifts for the labor and delivery nurses? If so, how many are you thinking of bringing? I see lots of cute ones on Pinterest but they are all bringing 6-8...do we really see that many nurses in Labor? I cannot recall since it's been so long. I think it's a really sweet thank you and I was thinking about doing them and just curious if anyone else is and what/how many they will be bringing?



Re: L&D Nurse Gifts???

  • I've heard of baking or picking up some cookies or other sweets as a gift to put at the nurses station. 

    Some hospitals from what I've researched don't allow the nurses to receive individual gifts from patients. I'd call and ask the hospital you're delivering at to make sure before you make/buy anything. 

    A cute idea is getting little bags and putting a small thing of hand sanitizer in it, lotion, small gift card to a coffee shop or maybe Subway, snacks, gum, mints, or hard candy. 

    Maybe try to see if you can order a couple of pizzas for the nurses that are working with you? You can order them and have DH or someone pick them up. I'd check to make sure though. I'm sure they would appreciate it. 

    I saw a gift basket for L&D nurses that had the bottles of Starbucks frapps in it along with some candy and other snacks. There was a wide assortment and basically the mama just left the basket in her room and told all the nurses to enjoy. :) 

    I hope that helps!
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  • I work in a hospital (not in L&D) but we definitely have policies that prevent us from accepting gifts. However, a gift (usually food works best) that can be shared among all staff is always accepted and appreciated.

    We get TONS of chocolate and cookies. Which we all love. But I'll tell you that the staff absolutely goes nuts when we are given a fruit basket or something a little different/healthy - cheese and crackers, veggie trays, etc. Those fruit floral arrangements are always a big hit.

    Honestly though, anything to say thank you is going to be appreciated. And by giving a food gift you don't have to worry about how many little gifts to bring. Just doing a box of chocolates is a simple thank you that goes a long way!
  • I love the idea of a healthy snack, I'm sure most of them would love something like that. And I think it's smart not to make individual gifts but to do a group gift :-) thanks!!
  • I wouldn't do anything homemade food wise, we usually throw those in the trash.  Individual gifts are not allowed as well, I second the fruit tray/arrangement.  Also, just a nice letter to the unit manager goes a long way, we have a board we post thank you's on in our hallway and it's always nice to go through and read them.

  • Yea I had read that it's a risk to eat homemade goods as they don't know the kind of environment the food was made it, so I totally understand that. I will go with fruit or something of that nature and a thank you card. :) It's exciting to think about this stuff!! Here we come May!!
  • my dad ordered pizza for all the nurses when my mom had me. My dd came early so dh and I didn't do anything, except for treat the nurses kindly and with respect. This time I think donuts from a famous bakery would be a nice thing to have dh pick up after I have the baby. 

    sweet thought! 
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