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Serious Question

My mother JUST now informed me that she has hepatitis C. And that I needed to get checked for it. That she could have given it to me during birth. She's known for a while and literally just now told me as I'm almost seven months pregnant. Do they test for that at your first appointment?
I mean I'm shocked and a little taken back that I did not know this. I'm so upset right now. I really don't know how to wrap my head around it. :(

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  • I know that hepatitis C isn't the bad one's, but that's just not the point right now. Like, I never thought I'd have to deal with this. Why didn't she tell me sooner?!
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  • I believe they test for that and many other std/sti when you first found out. I would just double check with your doctor at your next appointment.
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  • I know you're terrified right now and I'm sorry that you and your family are going through this. 

    It wasn't right of your mother to withhold that information for so long especially knowing about your pregnancy. 
    I don't have any advice as to if they test for it during first appointment, but its best you ask as soon as possible. 

    Hep C is serious and the treatment for it has been compared to chemotherapy. My mother had it and we were not sure how long she did, so my dad and I had to get tested for it as well. We did not have it. 
    My mother was highly emotional about it and very embarrassed and ashamed. This disease is able to be passed so many takes basically mixing blood. You're not supposed to share razors, tweezers, toothbrushes, etc. 
    You can get it from doing drugs with needles, getting your nails done, tattoos, piercings, sex, basically anything that could involve an infected persons blood entering your blood stream. 

    Your mother probably withheld the information from you for so long because she was embarrassed and ashamed. From what I understand there isn't really a way to determine how you got it whether it be through tattoos, piercings, etc. 

    My mom had to undergo treatment for 1 year which involved a lot of doctors visits along with giving herself injections in her stomach every week. She lost some of her hair, lost weight, couldn't be near certain foods because of increased nausea, had lots of vomiting, fatigue, and just generally didn't feel well and wanted to be in bed. 
    I'm not telling you this to scare you...I promise that isn't what I'm trying to do. I'm just trying to let you know that this is a tough disease to deal with and even though you're upset with your mother right now please try to understand that she was probably scared and very worried that you would resent her. 

    I really hope that everything turns out perfectly fine for you. Don't stress too much over mother had it and she beat it. Even before we found out that she had it my mother and I always shared beauty products and I helped with lots of scrapes from her planting flowers and doing crafts and I never got it. 

    Praying for you hun!

  • I'm quite sure that's what one of the first blood tests you do covers because they like to know right away. Ask your doctor anyway of course but don't stress too much because after all the damn tests we have to go through I'm sure they'd have told you by now if you had it.
  • Thanks guys.. I just hope and pray that I won't pass it on to our baby girl through child birth or something. It worries me so much :(
  • I'm pretty sure they test all of that durimg your initial blood test. I know my facility does. Try not to stress.


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  • Thanks guys.. I just hope and pray that I won't pass it on to our baby girl through child birth or something. It worries me so much :(
    I really think you're going to be just fine. Like pp said...they test us for everything while pregnant and if something questionable came up they would tell you. <3
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  • You are tested for that on first bloods, ask the question but I'm sure you will be fine, big hugs for you
  • @MissRissx3, how are you? Did the doctors office give you any reassurance :)
  • Thanks guys.. I just hope and pray that I won't pass it on to our baby girl through child birth or something. It worries me so much :(

    Good lord girl :( I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't have any worthwhile advice but did want to reach out and cyber hug ya!
  • I would check with your doctor. That is not something my office routinely tests you for, unless you have high risk behavior (as others listed above).
  • After working in 3 different hospitals- it's not something any of them tested for. Tell your OB. The good news is that in the chance you have been exposed you will be passing antibodies to the baby during the whole third trimester.
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