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Why am I having the worst time sleeping?

I am 26 weeks pregnant and have had a really great second trimester up until this week. Now I can't get to sleep and when I do I wake up to turn over every 3-30 minutes. I have read that some women need to do turn over due to hip pain but I feel great other than being sleep deprived. Please help.


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  • Shanfrey82Shanfrey82 member
    edited February 2015
    Yep! ^^ what she said... It's the new normal for pretty much everyone at this stage. If you have any ability to sneak in short naps during the day, that helps a little.
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  • BabyShirahBabyShirah member
    edited February 2015
    I def do the nap thing because I never count on getting a good nites sleep!!!
  • You're growing a human. It ain't easy! ;)
  • Well same goes for me. Tossing over and over again sucks and its so hard getting a good sleeping position. Do you have a body pillow? Maybe that will help and a heating pad
  • I have about a million different pillows, every night I have a different set up depending on what feels comfortable! I still wake up but it helps with getting back to sleep!
  • It's just normal at this stage. Think of it as prep for being up with the baby when he or she arrives! Makes it worth while! :) good luck
  • Me too! I have taken to sleeping in spare room as otherwise I'm waking up my husband constantly with my tossing and turning and constant pee breaks.
  • This is me once I hit 28 weeks. If anything wakes me (phone, TV, snow plow, child...) I'm up for HOURs and can't go back to bed... I forgot how uncomfortable the third trimester can be...

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  • Omg sounds like my life!
    It's so annoying :( and painful, aggravating and just not necessary!
    And my chest will hurt too if I'm not laying on my complete side. Like I can't even lean a bit. I'm over it.
  • I'm almost 27 weeks now and I'm starting to sleep worse. I remember with my first towards the end I would be sleeping on my side and my hip and leg would be completely numb. It gets so hard to turn over though I would just sit there and think... "is it really worth all the energy to flip over?" Haha. OH man. At least we are getting close to the finish line. 
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  • I just hit 3rd tri this week and it's like my quality of sleep changed completely overnight! I used to only get up once a night to pee and on some lucky nights, not at all. This week, I've been waking up every few hours having to switch from side to side and last night had to get up to use the bathroom 3 times. Ugh!

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