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Pregnant & TTC After A Preemie 01/31/15

***Welcome to the check-in group for Pregnant After a Preemie! Because of the new text limitations of thebump, I had to cut off the list of who was TTCing and the mommies who had babies after their preemies. I am very disappointed about that! However, please know that everyone is welcome to post any questions about TTCing or pregnancy after a preemie on here. We need to be there for each other!***

Please list your name, due date if your pregnant or TTC timeline, preemie's name(s) and gestational age at birth as well as the reason for their prematurity.


Last Week's Updates:

Congratulations to @MrsLaurenandDan who is currently 36 weeks pregnant with their rainbow boy baby!!! She has had severe PTL scares, but with the P17 shots starting at 17 weeks, she has managed to keep LO in for this long! Yay!

@dunnmommy and @daciadanae Any word on LO?

PhillyGal34: 33 week appt went very well!

paradebegone: Scan with MFM was good. However, MFM was not really a big fan of P17 shots and seemed biased about recommending shots. DH is also not completely supportive of her added interventions with the weekly shots. She is still leaning towards taking them.

Brummy14: NT scan #2 occured, but baby was still in the same unmeasurable position and they have missed NT scan window. Cervical length checks and shots will start soon.



dunnmommy: DS Caleb born full term, DS Campbell born 24 weeks due unexplained membrane rupture and prolapsed cord; Baby #3 EDD 2/03/15

daciadanae: DS born at 29 weeks due to HELLP; Baby #2 EDD 2/11/15

MrsLaurenandDan: DS Owen born at 33w5d due to PTL; DS2 Noah was stillborn at 19w4d after a terminal diagnosis; DS3 EDD 03/01/15

PhillyGal34: DS Evan born at 31 weeks due to severe pre-; Baby #2 EDD 03/13/15

JeepersWife: DS born at 34 weeks due to IUGR, hypertension, borderline pre-e; Baby #2 EDD 3/15/15

tngrl3: DS was born at 34 weeks due to severe IUGR and cord flow issues; Baby #2 EDD 3/28/15

BLPL101, Laura: DD Caroline was born at 35 weeks due to PPROM; Baby #2 EDD 4/06/15

nursemom83: DS1 was born at 30 weeks due to PTL of unknown cause on 2/24/12; Baby #2 EDD 4/09/15

paradebegone: DS born at 33w4d due to pPROM; Baby #2 EDD 7/10/15

denamarie1113: DS was born on 11/11/13 at 31w1d due to PROM. Baby #2 EDD 7/13/15

Brummy14: DD1 and DD2 were born at 29w3d due to PTL and PROM; Baby #2 EDD 7/29/15

jnetx: DS born 34 weeks due to pprom after 4 weeks of hospital bedrest; Baby #2 EDD 7/30/15

McHotts: DS was born at 32w1d due to cause unknown; Baby #2 EDD 8/06/15

SourPatchBaby: J born at 35 weeks due to PROM for unknown reason; Baby #2 EDD 8/06/15

runningmommy519: DS born at 35 weeks due to severe IUGR and pre-e; Baby #2 EDD 8/19/15

direy25: DS Griffin was born at 27w3d due to chorioamnionitis; Baby #2 EDD 8/23/15

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Re: Pregnant & TTC After A Preemie 01/31/15

  • Currently 34 and a half weeks and still doing well. getting a big uncomfortable but I'll totally take it! We have our last scheduled u/s and my first weekly appt on Friday when I'm 35 weeks... it's getting real!

    Our little hippo was as impatient as mom!

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    Hoping for a full 40 weeks!! 

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  • 35.5 weeks here!!!! Everything looked great at our 35 week u/s although he's breech. We are trying to get him to turn. But may have a version next Friday at 37 weeks. He was estimated to be 6.5 lbs at 35 weeks. So he's still measuring big but my BP is still down and we are all doing well!!

    Our little hippo was as impatient as mom!

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    Hoping for a full 40 weeks!! 

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  • Great news!!!! I'm 33 weeks today which is 3 weeks longer than I have ever gone! As much as I'm getting uncomfortable, I'm happy to be this pregnant.
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