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Ovarian failure

background TTC for 2 years, over a year with treatments.

I am on the max dose of femera and doing Gonal f injections... Cycle day 12 and 14 scans showed no mature follies (just 3 small ones around 10mm)

Is this normal? I don't have PCOS and my paperwork says "ovarian failure" this time... Is there hope for me? I am so discouraged!

Re: Ovarian failure

  • My RE advised us to move on after 3-4 cycles on Femara to injectables plus IUI. He said that the meds are less effective after 3 months and the longer you keep taking them the chances of success go down. It's likely you need to move onto stronger meds. Try adding DHEA and CoQ10 - both found in the vitamin aisle. I noticed a big difference in my response after adding them - plus, they can't hurt your chances. Good luck - and definitely go back to your doctor and ask what the next steps are, including costs as this gets expensive fast.
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