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Nap Time when CIO isn't an Option

My little guy has been an amazing sleeper from the beginning. Around 4 months he started taking 12 minute naps so I started following the 2 hours up, 2 hours down schedule. It worked perfectly until now. He is 6 months old and has recently gone back to 2 30 minute naps per day. I have tried everything. I have no problem with crying it out but it doesn't work for him. He will literally just lay in bed and cry for 2+ hours. I even tried CIO with 5 minute and 15 minute checks. I am starting to lose my mind... any suggestions?

Re: Nap Time when CIO isn't an Option

  • Is he teething?? My LO was taking great naps 1-2 hours twice a day. But in the last couple weeks his teeth haven't come it but he seems very bothered and I think that's why his naps are shorter. So I have been giving him some teething tablets before naps and bedtime and it seems to help.
  • My baby is the same way. Try going for walks and having more tummy time. Basically try to tire him out :).
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  • @blondee4685‌ I think it is teething. I gave him some Tylenol before his afternoon nap and he slept the whole 2 hours. Hallelujah. Thanks ladies!
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