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Red Raspberry leaf tea and capsules?

Has anyone used red raspberry leaf during pregnancy? If so has it helped? I'll be 39 weeks Saturday. 

Re: Red Raspberry leaf tea and capsules?

  • From the research, it doesn't matter if you drink it or not. There's nothing saying that it'll bring on labor, I'm assuming that's what you'd be drinking it for. It sucks, but you're not even 39 weeks. Try to be patient and let baby come when ready. Really, you could have another 3 weeks left so just try to stay busy and wait for your body to do it's thing.


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  • I was told raspberry leaf tea doesn't start labor it just conditions your uterus! It's supposed to help with labor and many say they had an easier labor cause they drank the tea. Do your research and ask your dr how safe it is to drink.
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  • I've been drinking the tea since about 32 weeks because like @krysmill said, it doesn't bring on labor, but conditions your uterus.  I'm 39 weeks and 5 days.  Trust me, it does NOTHING to get the baby out earlier.  But since I'm going natural/med free, I'm hoping to make the process a bit less painful.   
  • Before I got pregnant I took prenatals with RRL in them, but stopped when I got my BFP because I found too many conflicting reports on if it was safe during the first tri or not. When I hit the third tri I asked my OB if those prenatals were safe to take again and while she didn't seem to be an expert on RRL, she did say that it could cause contractions and that I probably should avoid it (I was 32 weeks or fewer at the time, I think). Every doctor/midwife will probably say something different about it. I know some swear by it. I bought a lot of them and they're still in date, so I'll probably start taking them again post-partum. Unless I shouldn't. So confusing. 
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  • Have you had a recent cervical exam?

    I'm 40 weeks tomorrow & for the past 3/4 weeks I've tried ALMOST all natural ways to induce labor. I had my exam today - not dialated, but soft. Kinda really sucks, but when they say baby will come when ready they're right
  • At 40 weeks 3 days I was 3.5 cm daialated and 40 perfect defaced.. I drank 5 cups of the tea and 6 hours later my water broke and I had an amazing labour with not much pain! I totally recommend it !
  • I drank it for about a week before the baby. I had a relatively quick labor for a ftm and only pushed for 20 min. I can't necessarily attribute it to the tea but can't say it didn't help either. It doesn't bring on labor.

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