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The sneezing!

oh the sneezing! I have no allergies, no stuffy nose or cold, and yet it seems like anything and everything can trigger a sneeze, probably about 15 times per day. Had no idea this was a preggo symptom! They're so violent that I have to brace myself when I feel one coming on, because if I'm relaxed I get really sharp ligament pain ;)

Re: The sneezing!

  • I feel your pain. I've been stuffed up for weeks :( my husband and I haven't told anyone I'm pregnant yet so I have to keep blaming an imaginary sinus infection.
  • Yes! Didn't realize this was a symptom. I'm a sneezing machine. So weird.
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  • I thought I was the only one! Phew! I told my SO that it must be my bodies way of keeping all the bad stuff out to protect the baby :)
  • I had surgery last year to fix my sinuses and have been breathing great since.... Well until about 5 weeks ago. Sneezing and a permenant post nasal drip. I had no idea these symptoms were pregnancy related. Kind of relieved to know I'm not alone.
  • I'm in the same boat!  To add to this bliss... I had my first "little accident" with bladder control when I sneezed this morning.

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  • That's a relief to know, I'm not the only one!
  • Me too! I sneeze all the time and have a stopped up nose. I had allergies before I got pregnant but it seems worse.
  • I literally thought I was getting sick for weeks until I realized it was a symptom lol!! And yeah I've been getting the ligament pain recently when I and sneeze too! Ouchyyy!
  • OMG- I thought I had a head cold that would go away too. I already have sinus issues...I hope this subsides soon. My poor nose has gotten a sore on it, and I have to make sure I engage my core before sneezing or blowing my nose to prevent ligament pains. Gaaahh!
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  • marceedee said:

    I'm in the same boat!  To add to this bliss... I had my first "little accident" with bladder control when I sneezed this morning.

    Yes! The bladder control! I thought this was supposed to be a problem LATER! Every time I cough or sneeze if I haven't been to the bathroom for a bit I tend to leak a little. At least it isn't enough to tell but still... So embarrassing!
  • Wow!  I didn't know it was a symptom... but now it all makes sense thinking back to when the sneezing started.  :D

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  • Sneezing all the time! I have to hold my belly or all my muscles in the abdomen tighten from it. No fun at all! The bladder control too... How cow...
  • Ahh .. Didn't even know this is was. Symptom . Explains Why I haven't gotten the "cold"
  • Wow...I didn't know sneezing was a symptom but I have it...As well as a really runny nose
  • Ugh, this. I almost never sneeze, now I was seriously wondering if I'd developed allergies. No fun at all...
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  • I was just thinking the same thing! Pulled the Bump up and saw this! I was fine for a week or so now it's back!
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