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My son is 1 week old and obviously sleeps a lot. I have received mixed feedback regarding feeding. I am breast feeding through bottle (he wont latch on my breast!). I wake him every two hours but am curious to know if this is okay. I don't want to under feed him but at the same time I'm exhausted from pumping and feeding every two hours, I get no sleep.
So mynquestion is how often do I have to feed him? How much and do I wake him every time?


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    Were you specifically told every two hours for some reason? We have always done every four with our kids even at the hospital . When my youngest list weight I did every three to four until he got above birth weight.

    As for the exhaustion a newborn is exhausting. The first few weeks and sometimes months you feel like a zombie but as long as your doctor didn't specifically say every two hours for some reason I would do four.

  • Until they reach birth weight you wake to feed every two hours.

    If you are bottle feeding breast milk the rough guideline is 1oz per hour they sleep. So 2oz via bottle every two hours until they meet or exceed their birth weight.

    When they reach birth weight you let them sleep & pump every two hours anyway. You want to build a stash & maintain supply. So even if baby is sleeping an EP mom is going to be waking to pump.

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  • Every 3-4 hours is the rough guideline after baby meets birthweight.

    Maintaining supply can be an issue due to the limited efficacy of the pump to empty the breast fully. So the more often you stimulate the breast with the pump the better.

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  • What PP said and always ask your Pedi ^^
  • My LO is 5 weeks, at 1 week, he would wake to eat every 1.5-2 hrs.  I would do every 2 hours with about 1-2oz.  In regards to latching, try out the nipple shield!  That is the ONLY way my LO would latch for the first 3 weeks.  Now he has weaned off of it and when I try to use it he's like "wth is that thing you are putting in my mouth"

    If you can get him to latch, that would help sooo much with your exhaustion of pumping and then feeding...that takes twice as long and I can't even imagine being more tired than I was with just BF.  I did start to pump at 2 weeks to start a freezer stash. 

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