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Overdue decisions

I'm 41.2 today and had an appt with my midwife yesterday. I asked for an internal and am 0cm and 70-80% effaced. I know you can go from 0 to fully dilated quickly and am not too concerned about that now. I was at first and was discouraged but after speaking to my midwife she reminded me of this and talked me off my emotional ledge.

Anyways, that being said, I have another appt on Monday and she has given me the option to decide if I want a folley inserted or not as I'm getting close to the time restraints for the birthing center. I'm worried that if I choose the folley that will lead to other medical interventions and ultimately not allow me to have a natural birth. You know how in programs they talk about the snowball effect for interventions?

Has anyone had experienced with having a folley and natural births that can offer insight?

Re: Overdue decisions

  • I have not had one before, but from what I have heard( mostly from my Bradley class) that it along with Sweeping/Stripping the membranes are the place to start if you are facing the reality of induction. My teacher also spoke highly of fresh pineapple to induce labor( not sure if you have tried that!)They are acute interventions that are done when they are done( unlike pitocin which stays in your blood stream even if you stop the medication). I was 41 weeks with my DD and had my membranes striped twice( over 3 days). I started  having contractions a few hours later and thankfully dodged having to be induced with pitocin. Good luck!
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  • I would certainly try to get things started in any safe way I could before an induction. I would seriously talk about the best time to have that inserted at the next appointment.

    Also, I think trying for a low intervention, med-free birth is important if it is important to you but you should also try to be open to accepting certain interventions should they become necessary. It can be really tough and emotional to have to change your plan get a new ideal at the last minute. Interventions can be amazing when needed. (and sometimes induction I needed) I only mention this because I was there and I was not prepared for all the emotion I experienced when my plans had to be changed.
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  • Sounds like a mode of least intervention to hopefully avoid that cascade of problems. I'm not against membrane sweeps but of course you'd need to be dilated some for that to happen.

    Interestingly the effacement is the number many people ignore but it's actually most significant in telling you dilation isn't far off! The higher the effacement the better. You may not need anything done come Monday with that effacement level. Lots of walking, sex, ball bouncing, rest. I found walking in a hilly neighborhood helped. Just don't get too far from the car or house just in case. ;-)
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