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Newborn and postpartum Questions

Maybe I'm a dunce and missed something. Is there a separate forum/group where we now start discussing newborn questions and post-partum lovelies? DG is just over 24 hrs and I've got 'em already!!! Tia

Re: Newborn and postpartum Questions

  • On parenting board!
  • Wouldn't it be appropriate to ask here too, since our LOs will all be around the same age?

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  • mle106 said:

    Wouldn't it be appropriate to ask here too, since our LOs will all be around the same age?

    I've been wondering the same thing. I'd say it's probably up to us as a group.
  • I have no problem staying here especially since the craziness not too long ago on parenting.
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  • Definitely here I would think. That's how my other bmb works. And it's still going
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  • When I had my daughter in July 2013, they used the same board to talk newborn talk and ask questions.
  • I would just ask newborn and postpartum questions here like others have said. Some of us are STM + so even though we may not have had our LO yet we may be able to help or participate in a discussion.
  • I started a PP check in thread if anyone has any question/rants/raves/anything
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  • Yes!  Here and the baby boards.  I still have my April 2011 board, although our LOs are now almost 4 and people rarely post on it anymore.
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  • Let the discussions begin!
  • Someone did start a postpartum (pp) thread.
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