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Co-sleeping this safe?

My LO is 3 months old. We have gone thru some stages in sleeping. We are currently at a stage where she will only sleep on me. She falls asleep while nursing, then if I try to put her in her crib, rnp, or even more recently a small co-sleeper in our bed...she wakes up! Therefore, she basically sleeps on me in a breast feeding position. I have the poppy under my arm then she lays on my arm, her face is always away from anything. I only wear a bra or nursing tank and no blankets around her. I have also been sleeping basically sitting up, with pillows behind my back. Is this safe co-sleeping? I would feel more comfortable if I could put her in the co-sleeper, but I have been trying for a week twice a night and she wakes! Currently, she will sleep 12 hours and latch on during the night several times to nurse without waking herself up. TIA

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  • Can you try getting her to nurse laying next to you instead, with you both laying on your side facing each other. It doesn't sound very safe to me with all the pillows.
  • We have a foam mattress so I wasn't sure that was safe either.
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  • If you take her off the breast, does she just wake?  Wake and cry?

    If she just wakes, I'd wait and see what happens It would be ideal if learned to nurse then wake up a little when she's put down, then drift off again on her own.  I always felt like that was a good goal.

    If she wakes and cries, try soothing her in a way other than nursing? 
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  • Thank you! She wakes when I set her down, she seems to startle herself and then cry. She is 3 months so I don't know that swaddling is still a good idea. We had 10 days since she was born that we successfully swaddled and had her sleep in the RnP. I will keep trying to put her down. She seems to be going thru a 3 month growth spurt so I may have to wait until that's over...
  • I agree with a pp. Once I learned to nurse side lying, it got much easier. That's how we sleep every night
  • Do you have a twin mattress in any of your bedrooms? You can place it on the floor and nurse on your side. Or try a "husband" pillow--the type with the arms and put that behind you. My son once rolled off of me while sleeping on my chest. It made me uncomfortable with extra pillows.
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