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Help with rolling from tummy to back

My LO is 5 months old, and has been rolling over from back to tummy for a few weeks now, and for the last week or so, has been doing it much more frequently. However, he has trouble getting from tummy to back. He'll get fussy after awhile so I try to guide him on to his back, but he hasn't gotten the hang of it himself. He usually sleeps from 8:00 to 7:00, but the last few days, he's been rolling on to his tummy at night and sleeping that way until around 5:45, when he gets up and starts fussing because he can't roll on to his back. Any tips on helping them roll on to his back or will it just take time? Should we keep going in there in the morning when he's fussing and roll him on to his back or let him fuss it out? He's normally not fussy at all when he wakes up and the earlier wake up time is putting a cramp in his daytime schedule. Thanks!

Re: Help with rolling from tummy to back

  • My lo is also 5m and is having the same issue with rolling from tummy to back but does great from back to tummy. I try to help him and show him but he is still not getting the hang of it...
  • DD just started rolling back to tummy and I frea tthis will be an issue with her too. I've been fighting her the last 4 nights to not roll to her tummy in the crib although i feel it is a lost cause.

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  • No real advice just wanted to say I was in the same boat. DD has been rolling back to tummy for about two months. Out of nowhere over this Thanksgiving break my husband was like, look she just rolled front to back! Just had to wait for her to figure it out, now she's been doing it all day for the past few! Your little one will get it soon I'm sure!
  • Not a wise mother by any stretch of the imagination, but thought I'd weigh in.  My LO is 5.5 months and *just* started rolling both directions, but tummy to back came first.  Anyways, if it's straining the rest of the day, it's probably better to go in and roll him back in the AM, but let him work it out by himself after he's up for the day.  Chances are, it won't be terribly long before he's doing it on his own.  I'm a huge fan of sleep, personally.
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  • My DD does the same!  Started rolling back to tummy a few weeks ago, gets fussy in the night when she doesn't want to be on her tummy anymore, and can't roll back to her back. Haha I thought tummy to back would be easier to do, but I guess not!!
  • Rolly Polly game:

    Get a sheet or blanket.
    Put baby in the middle like a hot dog.
    GENTLY roll them around, back & forth while you sing & be silly.

    As you roll them it works out their abdominal & center of gravity muscles. It can help them figure out how to roll around on their own.

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  • We have the same problem. I may try the Roly poly game
  • We have the same problem. I may try the Roly poly game

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    My daughter will be 6 months on Friday and she has in the last week or two started sleeping on her side which the last three nights has turned into sleeping on her stomach. She CAN roll from front to back but doesn't do it often or as easy as back to front. The first night she comfortably slept once she turned onto her tummy but the last two nights she wakes up crying every time cause she wants to turn back over lol. Like it's self imposed tummy time and she's mad about it. Haha. Either she can't roll back over or she's too lazy. All I know is it's frustrating for all three of us. I hope she figures it out soon or at least decides she enjoys sleeping that way so she won't need to wake me up to rescue her. :)
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