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My husbands annoying me

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I'm fed up. Our baby was extremely unplanned. And I do not feel the support I need from my husband. Am I being selfish! I need him to grow up and get on the same page with me. But so far I am getting nothing . I hope when we go to our first appointment tomorrow, that will wake him up a little. I feel alone in this and it is not the best feeling to have!

Re: My husbands annoying me

  • After all it takes two to tango!
  • I had the same issue with my o/h I think it's only recently sunk in That he's going to b a father. I put it down to we naturally feel maternal because of our bodies changing and we feel baby growing.. Witch allows us to bond a whole lot sooner. I felt alone too for the first few months and it isn't nice. How far are you? I'm sure he will soon get his head around the idea. Xx
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  • There is a saying... mothers are at conception and father's are at birth. It makes sense as we feel our little one growing. Even though we all know a LO is on the way. We notice the changes and become mothers right away. Father's take a while... once the baby is in their arms they generally feel the changes.

    This ring true for most people I have talked to. While my own DH was excited throughout our pregnancy there were some days where he "forgot" or didn't realize the changes. But once our DD was born he's been such a Dad.

    It doesn't help to sit down with your DH and tell him your feelings. Tell him how you need or etc but in turn it also helps to understand that we go through all these changes and for men they only see it. They don't feel it so they don't have that constant reminder.

    Hope everything works out for you.
  • Well that really sucks!  I'm sorry to hear it.  Does he know how his attitude is making you feel?  I hope that once he sees that baby it will be more real for him and he will start being more supportive as you go through the process.  *Hugs* 
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