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Who else is cloth diapering?

I never did it with my other kids but this time around we are working with an even tighter budget and the cost of disposable diapers is something I would like to avoid. I have done TONS of research into cloth diapering and it truly seems to be a money saver. The only problem is that it is without a doubt more time consuming than disposables. This time around I will be home for the most part with the baby so I don't mind taking the extra time just to save the money. I worry though that it's going to get overwhelming for me.
After my research I chose FLIP diapers. They are reusable covers and inserts. I so far I bought 5 Velcro flips and 4 snap flips. I plan to get a total of 15-20 diaper covers so they last through potty training. I also bought bamboo microfiber inserts 12 so far but plan to get at least 36. I also got 12 prefolded diapers just in case those are needed too and snappis to go with them. All in all the covers so far cost me a little under $100, the inserts cost me $36 for 12. I am trying hard to make sure I can keep this under $300 total for my entire stash of diapers.
I am also using cloth wipes I made myself from flannel I had left over. Hopefully those work out well too!
Who else is cloth diapering and have you started your stash yet?

Re: Who else is cloth diapering?

  • We are using cloth! I'm so excited! My sister in law used to have a business making all-in-ones and she's offered to give us her leftovers from her kids. I don't know how many she has, but I've also registered for some rumparooz and best bottoms.
    My husband has made a home made diaper sprayer that hooks to our toilet for messy clean ups and we actually have a second washer that I think we're going to set up strictly for diaper laundry.
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  • I'm going to try! I've started a small stash of newborn sized green mountain workhorses with thirties duo cover, some charlie bananas and some bumgenius elementals. Not sure what we are going to like the best!
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  • We are! We have with DD and we will with this next LO. We use a diaper service that drops off and picks up prefolds on our front porch once a week. It doesn't save a ton of money but it keeps a ton of diapers out of the landfill. I just throw dirty covers in DD's hamper for the regular wash.

    We like Thirsties Aplix covers for newborns and then snaps once they're more mobile and can wiggle the Velcro undone. Blueberries are my favorite snap covers but we also have Rumparoos, Bummis Super Brite, and Bumkins, which all do the job well. I plan to just reuse all the covers we already have.

    I did what OP did and made my own cloth wipes by cutting up flannel receiving blankets. I also have a batch of cheapie baby wash clothes that I mix in, those are good for wiping poopy butts. I keep all the wipes rolled and stacked in a wipe warmer with water mixed with a squirt of baby wash. Those also get washed with DD's regular laundry.
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  • We are going to try! I just got 7 one size Fuzzibunz (great sale), have rumparooz covers, and prefolds. I think we are going to use disposable wipes. We are new to this and expecting twins. Any ideas on what weight the one size diapers will work?
  • I am doing cloth as well , and also hoping i don't throw in the towel after afew weeks. The more i read on it the more overwhelming it seems. I have a decent stash of newborn covers and prefoldsc as well as some AIOs. I'm going to figure out which style I like best before moving on to bigger sizes. I'm also worried that she will only fit in the nb sizes for a month or less of at all. I've heard some babies are born too big for nb sizes so that all could be a waste. .. most of my diapers i bought used so hopefully i won't be out too much money if they don't fit. I hear of so many people giving up on cloth but I'm not giving myself that option. I'm in it even if it drives me insane! Some people say it's super easy and have no problems yet some have every issue imaginable. We'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed !
  • I'm planning on it! I was gifted a few bumgenius 4.0s, but I plan to primarily go the prefold with cover route. I haven't bought them yet but I'm planning on green Mountain diapers prefolds and a few workhorses and thirties covers.
  • I'm planning on being a part time cloth diaperer. That may sound silly, but if I get the hang of it and love it, I will switch to full time. Even a few cloth diapers daily can cut the cost of diapering. No one in my family has cloth diapered, and not a lot of people around my area does it, so it's hard to find help/support for first timers.
  • I'm Going with Alva baby and just simply baby pocket diapers. I've got a friend who cloth diapers so I'm going to be constantly asking her questions I'm sure!
  • I am! I have 36 prefolds, 3 workhorses, and 10 covers, a bunch of snappis and 36 cloth wipes. I figure that will at least last until 4-5 months, when we will buy medium prefolds and covers. I bought everything from Green Mountain Diapers and paid $250 for everything (on Black Friday). I'm so excited! Just need to prep everything, which I haven't done yet...

  • We're going to cd so I've been building up a stash. I decided on all in twos (the cover abd insert system) and decided to buy a variety of used ones and see what works best for us once LO gets here. So far I have 3 grovia shells with 9 organic cotton inserts, 5 flips with 12 microfiber inserts, 3 best bottoms with 16 microfiber inserts, 1 sunbaby and 1 alva wirh one hemp insert each and 2 imagine fitteds. I'm planning to buy some flour sack towels on my next grocery trip to use as doublers or for nights.

    There's a big diaper and carrier swap in a couple weeks that I'm planning to hit up. Hoping to score some gmd workhorse fitteds there as well as a sprayer.
  • I am too! I started my stash but still have some buying to do. We decided to go with bumgenius freetimes and best bottom diapers because I don't really like the idea of stuffing diapers. I have 12 freetimes so far and plan to have 36 diapers total by the time the baby is born. I will be using disposable wipes though and possibly disposable diapers until the baby is out of the newborn stage. Have to build my stash slowly because freetimes tend to be pricey :/ but those seemed to be the ones DH and I loved the most after doing research, hopefully we love them as much as we think we are going to ;)
  • I CD DD and I loved it. I started at 5 weeks with her. I plan to start from the hospital with this one. I have just over 20 OS AIOs that I was able to keep from DD and I have a pretty solid NB stash (10 lil joeys. 10 NB simplex's, a dozen snapped/unsnapped workhorses). I'm going to order a couple of the Thirsties NB diapers and some more small prefolds and a few more covers. I loved CDing DD. I didn't find it to be much work, and I work full time as a teacher. I was able to resell a lot of the diapers that I knew wouldn't work with 2.0 due to relaxing elastics and use that to fund diapers for 2.0. There are lots and lots of buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook where you can find gently used diapers for a great deal.
  • I'm going to cloth diaper part time also. So far I have 4 thirsties waterproof covers and a bunch of prefolds. I want to get a couple fitteds for night time. Also have a few small size pocket fuzzibunz soo cute can't wait to try them out lol.
  • We are going to cloth diaper. I joined a diaper co op and got 30 sunbabies pockets diapers for 120 dollars and then 25 cbi (charcoal bamboo inserts) for 50. We are planning to buy a pail and wet bag and then a diaper sprayer and hoping to be done. We set a 250 budget for it. I am worried it will be overwhelming but I'm at home all day so if I can save us some money by doing this then it's worth it. Plus I have heard it's easier to potty train cloth diapered kids. Hoping that proves to be true
  • I would like to CD but am still really new to it and none of the family on my mom's side has done it and they only have less than helpful comments about it. I just found this website which seems helpful. I am going to go to a cloth diapering meet up soon and i think that will be really helpful in getting me covered on the basics. 

  • I am a ftm and I am using cloth at home and regular when I go out. Money saver and time saver outside of the home. :)
  • This is my first baby and I am going to be cloth diapering. Maybe not 100% but I want to aim for 75%-90% of time. I am struggling with the idea of going back to work ( I work long unpredictable shifts ) in mental health case management and we are considering me staying out for a while. I figured I should be able to save us some money if we are CD while I am home. The more I read the more I am sold! No chemicals on baby =less diaper rashes. Save $$ and the environment... My husband is going to install a sprayer on the toilet and I started stocking up on Charlie Bananas
  • I'm a FTM and planning on cloth diapering. I'm thinking for the early newborn stages I might be using disposables and then make the switch. So far I have a stash of BumGenius 4.O and Thirsties one size pockets. I like the design as they are very similar to a disposable fit and when I am back at work I think this will be easiest for those watching the little one to manage. I'm going with cloth because I love the idea of less waste, saving money (in the long run), and knowing what is against my babies skin. I really like Kelly's Closet for shopping and information and they have a great cloth diaper support group on Facebook that I have learned so much on!
  • I am going to try and it and I am ordering my stash from Assuntas! They are between $6-10 and have the best reviews I've seen yet! It sounds like a lot of work but I'm hoping I can stick with it because I think it's worth it.
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  • We will be. I cloth diapered both my kids (more so with my first than with my second) but plan to really go all in this time. My stash is a little bit of everything. Mainly prefolds and covers for the newborn stage and BG pockets for once Baby is out of those.
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  • Quick cloth diapering question, do newborns fit in the AIO diapers or are there newborn sized ones? I didn't see any when I was registering. I was thinking of using the bum genius brand. TIA!
  • Quick cloth diapering question, do newborns fit in the AIO diapers or are there newborn sized ones? I didn't see any when I was registering. I was thinking of using the bum genius brand. TIA!

    Newborns do not fit in AIO. Most wont fit AIO until they are 10-12 lbs

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  • soofttiesoofttie member
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    We're using disposals for the newborn stage, then Grovia's AIO . Once we need "night" diapers I'll probably use night disposals because my fist was such a heavy wetter. (Around 5 months) I want to try different brands but if it ant broke don't fix it lol

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  • @soofttie‌ thanks so much! I'm nervous that if I start with disposables for the newborn stage I won't end up transitioning to cloth!
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