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Hyperemesis! Anyone else? Help?

anyone out there diagnosed with hyperemesis and if so any suggestions for help? I've tried zofran and ginger etc....

Re: Hyperemesis! Anyone else? Help?

  • I had it with my first and sadly have it again. I'm on zofran and phennegran. I'm still ill ... And zofran causes other issues. So now I'm on colace too.
  • Eat before you get out of bed in the am, small freq meals, don't eat and drink at the same time, don't force yourself to eat something that doesn't sound good-- eat what you crave, take your prenatal at bedtime, avoid food aromas if you can-- cold foods have less of an aroma/get out of the kitchen during hot meal prep. There are other responses on the "remedy for preg problems" thread.


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  • a dear friend of mine had it and had to be hospitalized because it was so severe.  Sorry, hun.
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  • CANDEE43 said:

    a dear friend of mine had it and had to be hospitalized because it was so severe.  Sorry, hun.

    Same here. Unfortunately my friend waited way too long to go to the hospital. If it gets too bad, definitely seek medical treatment ASAP.

    I'm sorry you're going through this OP.

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  • I was diagnosed after being rushed to the ER. I couldn't keep anything down for days and ended up passing out twice, the first time slamming my head into the ground and the second time smashing through two three-foot -tall glass candle holders. I was a mess for days after, at one point I asked my husband if I was dying. Luckily baby is okay. I take 3 Diclegis pills a day and can really only handle bland food. I am no longer taking prenatal pills per my doc's orders and that kind of freaks me out. Drink lots of ginger ale and Gatorade, I swear it helped.
  • My SIL had it and was in and out of the hospital because she was so badly dehydrated. The PP's have given you some great advice. I hope you feel better soon!
  • I have been on diclegis, Reglan, phenergen, zofran tablets and dissolving tablets, b6, and probably something I'm forgetting. At first nothing worked at all. Diclegis made it worse for me. Finally, I figured out that if I rotated between phenergen and zofran, it didn't completely take my nausea away, but it almost completely stopped the vomiting and has made the intense nausea more manageable. I have been struggling since week 6 and now I'm on week 13 and still going. I've been off work for 7 weeks and am still insanely weak and tired, but I'm hoping it's over soon. Too many trips to the hospital and doctor for me! Hope it gets easier for you, I know how awful HG can be.
  • I made a group for us HG ladies in the group section. I've known many HG ladies whom used medical marijuana and have sworn by it. Nothing worked for them until they had to get an NG tube or a PICC line and TPN or even a sub q pump. They, thankfully avoided all that.

    I also have HG second time around. It's not as severe as my first thank god but still had to be put on disability out of work. I'm taking zofran, compo, magnesium and diclegis. Having a good OB that takes me seriously kept me out of the hospital. She gives me meds as she was giving me candy. I'm thankful for that, as I've only lost 5lbs this time around.

    You need to find and OB that can give you a variety of meds that you can find that will work for you. Unless you want to head to the ER for fluids every few days for hydration. Again, home health is good for that but your OB has to make it happen. How many weeks are you? Have you tried reglan, diclegis, compo, gaba? Do you eat, what and how much, fluids? Being new to HG is hard and unexpected but you can survive threw it (keyword:survive).
  • This is a great website that helped me during my first HG pregnancy.

  • Think positive thoughts and hang in there!
  • Anyone else see the Zofran Lawsuit commercials?  I saw one a few days ago advertising a class action lawsuit against the pharma company. 

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  • Ya but for HG women, we don't have a choice. It's zofran or baby or you ,dies. And if you have a choice, that's means you are not sick enough.
    In my exclusive HG groups families have used zofran with multiple children and generations. Nothing wrong.
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