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In search of Boy Names!

I've had the name picked out for a little girl for awhile now, but I'm having trouble finding boy names that are cute & unique. I've been to various baby name websites and just finished looking on here. Now I'm asking for your opinions. Thank you! 

Re: In search of Boy Names!

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    There is a Baby Name board where you are more likely to get ideas. Those ladies love these kind of things and are creative. Make sure to give them more information than just looking for a boy name.
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  • Ug!!! PLACE YOUR BETS ON THIS ONE, TOO! How many more times during this pregnancy will someone start this exact same thread? I have 20 weeks to go, so I'll say 97. Go!
  • Get a baby name book
  • I have always loved the name Zephyr. Wish my hubby liked it too! Some others I love are Ryker, Tristan, and Xander.
  • We named our baby boy Paul Dawson. Paul for my brother and his mother Pauline and Dawson for his grandfather and my father's pre adoption last name. My point is make it personal. Fad names are not the way to go. Classics are classic for a reason.
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  • Thomas
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    You can have my boy name picks.
    Hubs vetoed them for furure use, but we're having a girl this time anyway.

    Milo & Felix are my faves. ❤️
  • I love the name Felix. 
  • I like the name Jac
  • Please use the search function. There's a baby name board.
  • Gracesen <3</p>

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is a very important family surname and that is why you are choosing to spell it that way.
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  • We're naming our little boy Oliver David. I also liked Noah and Beau
  • Love the name kohen/cohen
  • Where is the search bar on the app? I've only ever been on here on my app and so far I haven't been able to find it!

    Anyways, I like Emerson. Picking a good name can be tough, best of luck!!
  • Tyler Durden is what my DH wants (from fight club). Feel free to use since I won't be...
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