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End of pregnancy gain or loss?

So I'm 37 wks 3 days and I'm just concerned and wanted to know if any other new moms have lost weight or quit gaining towards the end of pregnancy? I know I should be thrilled but everyone told me this month I will gain the most weight yet!

In almost a full month I've only gained .7 pounds and the doctor wasnt too concerned at my last check up 2 weeks ago but I'm just making sure it's a normal thing?? FTM and just need a clear head before I stress over nothing!

Re: End of pregnancy gain or loss?

  • Sometimes people lose weight or stop gaining because nausea comes back the last trimester. However, neither gaining weight nor losing weight should be a concern to you unless your doctor is concerned. Plus, weight discussions don't usually go over well on the boards -- there are a lot of body-concious people that struggle with their weight.

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  • Wasn't a weight discussion asking other moms if they have gotten big?.. I was just wanting some feedback from someone who may have the same issue I am dealing with at the end of her pregnancy too... Haven't been sick, haven't thrown up any, been eating more than usual and nothing. Just don't want to wait until my next visit if it is something of concern when webMD and yahoo answers all say I'm either dying of a terminal illness or some extreme problem that makes no sense (sarcasm). It was a discussion question on a discussion/support forum. Thanks in advance to any moms that have any supportive advice.
  • I just read in one of my baby books over the weekend that it can be common for some women to stop gaining weight the last few weeks. As long as you're still feeling normal amounts of movement from baby I would think you're fine. Every pregnancy is so different. Just keep checking with your doc though & make sure they are not concerned.
  • It's not uncommon to stop gaining towards the end. My last appointment I was down 0.6lbs, the doctor didn't even mention it. As long as the baby is showing signs of growth (although, if the baby drops, fundal height can go down, too, FYI) you're ok. I'd trust a real dr and not Dr. google.
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  • PS: I wish I had that problem, consider yourself "lucky" ;)
  • I was steady gaining and then last week lost 1.5lbs. I have had horrible heartburn and indigestion so I think was I have been eating or should I say not eating has factored into that. I have not checked weight this week. I am kinda to the I don't care phase and I only have 8 more days to eat whatever the heck I feel like.
  • This might be TMI but I know sometimes too as you get closer to the end constipation clears up & pooping becomes easier & more regular. So it could be that maybe there was some "extra" blockage & now you're cleaning house?? ;)
  • I honestly don't even know. I feel like I haven't even been paying attention to my weight in the last few months. I see my Dr. weekly and assume they would let me know if something was off.
    Comparing your weight gain or loss to anybody else is useless because every pregnancy is different and every woman's body is different.
    Also, while quickly scrolling down on mobile bump I read this thread as "end of pregnancy loss" and immediately gasped and had a lump in my throat. Very relieved to see it's just a stupid weight gain thread and not the worst fear....
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  • I'm pregnant with twins and my last month I haven't gained much..maybe 2lbs. When I ask my doctors, they said they don't look at the weight gained between appointments but at the overall weight gain of the entire pregnancy. They also told me that even if I'm not showing weight gain, the baby(ies) are still gaining weight.
  • I haven't gained any since 34 weeks but I haven't lost any either... And my belly has definitely gotten bigger. So weird. I got a "tisktisk" from my midwife but I was like "I eat until I'm full!!"
    It's annoying. I know that's an annoying thing to complain about but I hate the assumption that I'm dieting or something and risking my baby's health.
    I'd love to just never weigh myself; once I'm no longer pregnant I'm def going back to that.
  • If your dr isn't concerned you shouldn't be. My dr said it's typical towards the end to lose weight - baby is either maintaining/gaining weight and you yourself are losing water weight/having bowel movements before being weighed.
  • I couldn't keep weight on when I was pregnant with DD in the last month. I was eating more than normal and still was down or just even every week. Same has happened this time around. My doctor isn't concerned with either baby so I'm not either. I know I'm eating a ton and baby is moving and growing just fine.
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    From what I read it is very normal. There's all these suggestions on how pregnancy should go but every pregnancy,and woman, are different. At my last appointment I hadn't changed weight at all and I had been gaining up to 3 pounds before then each week! I've gained more than I'd like but I'm not going to focus on that. My appointment isn't until the morning so I'm not sure if I've gained any this week. As long as baby is moving fine don't worry.
  • I was concerned too since I'm also a FTM but the doctor says if the baby is gaining the appropriate weight then there are no causes for concern. I personally just don't feel as hungry as I used to before I got pregnant... It's weird because I'm such a foodie! Best of luck!!
  • I also have trouble eating right now, mostly because LO is squishing my stomach and decides to start kicking as soon as I get some food in me. Really uncomfortable!

    Usually, my OB has me step on the scale and notices the weight, but I don't have to look at it if I don't want to. If she is fine with the number, who am I to argue/freak out about it? So I have no idea what's happening with my weight ATM and I don't really need to know as long as my OB doesn't say something about it.
  • I have stopped gaining to. I havent been sick or anything. I always thought it was very common to stop or slow down on weight gain in the last month. I feel perfectly normal, baby weighs 6.13 & I have had a 30lbs weight gain so far. I believe in "listen to your body" If you feel fine then you are probably fine.
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