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DD has been eating Similac Advance since she was 1 week old (she's now 16 weeks). For cost purposes I have been thinking about switching her to a generic brand formula. Do any of you have experience with any of these brands:
Up & Up - Target
Simply Right - Sam's Club
Parent's Choice - Walmart

Or have any suggestions for other generic brands that are a good transition from Similac?

Re: Generic Formulas

  • We switched our LO to Simply Right (Sam's Club) brand from Similac Advance and he has done great! We actually found he has less gas now. The only difference I have found is it takes a few more pumps of the Dr. Brown Mixing Pitcher to get it fully mixed in with the warm water. 
  • we switched from the similac ready to feed liquid directly to the costco brand powder (which is identical to the similac advance powder).

    i know you didn't post that as an option. i don't have direct experience with the other generics you have listed.

    i do agree with starting out with whichever store brand comes from the store that is the most convenient for you.
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  • We went from Similac Advance to Costco's Kirkland formula. No problems. Funny thing is DD had a reaction when we tried to use a sample can of Advance as we were transitioning her to milk. Costco's formula is the closest to Advance, they have a comparison on the side of the can.
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  • I use generic brands and we've had no problems. 
  • Thanks mamas!
  • We used multiple formulas and the only one that didn't upset her tummy was the Kirkland brand. And lucky for us it was WAY cheaper then the name brands.
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    I have heard very good things about generics. My girl doesn't tolerate it because of some sort of ingredient (haven't figured out which one yet), but I have friends with babies that do just fine. And a maternity nurse at my OB/GYN office said that generics are just as good. :)
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