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Let's Talk Valentine's Day!

I know it's just another greeting card holiday. Do any of you have something special planned for your SO or DH for Valentine's Day? I feel huge, uncomfortable and am due on 2/24 but I want to do something special for DH. I just don't know what yet. :x :-* :P
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Re: Let's Talk Valentine's Day!

  • I am a Valentine's Day hater. I worked at Hallmark in college and I think that ruined it for me. We have no plans, but hopefully we will have a newborn keeping us busy this year!

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  • Nothing planned. At this point, we will be in the hospital. Maybe sushi and red wine if I'm lucky!
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  • My due date is Valentine's Day! All I want is an Italian hoagie and an Angry Orchard beer!
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  • I'm due on the 16th so if I haven't had my baby,or if I'm not in labor, I'll either be stuffing my face with chocolate my SO bought me or I'll be having dinner with him. Depends if he works or not.
  • We don't usually celebrate it. I've always disliked this holiday. It is my dad's birthday and he'd love for me to have the baby on the 14th.
  • We usually celebrate in small ways. We don't go out because everywhere we'd want to go gets crazy and I'd just rather not deal with it. This year, DD1 has a birthday party to attend in the morning. We've also bought small gifts for the girls and plan to take them on one of our local chocolate factory's tours (it's a tasting too). For DH, I've already helped the girls make hand made valentines cards for him and taken them to buy a box of his favorite caramels. I will be buying him a 12 pack of his favorite beer and making him one of his favorite dinners. If you don't want to go out, making something a little special at home has always worked for me in the past. If you aren't much for cooking you could always try a decadent dessert. There are lots of simple recipes out there.

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  • Well me and my love suppose to go to Atlanta Ga and eat at cheese cake factory watch a movie & get a nice room and enjoy the last of our pregnancy my love always up to make me happy
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  • Well given my history delivering DD and my cervical exam yesterday my doctor doesn't think I will make it to my due date, 2/26. So since I'm pretty uncomfortable and DH is working all day Valentines Day I told him I just wanted the biggest heart shaped box of mixed chocolates that he could find. I really want a good steak dinner at our favorite steak restaurant but I really don't want to put on regular clothes to go get that. So I'm hoping for the chocolates!
  • My due date is 2/16, I hoped to have had this baby by now, but NO not I. My other pregnancies have been long...pain was provoked since my body just wouldn't dialate on its own and my membranes were ruptured by OB! My V-day gift would be to have this baby! and for my body to do it all on its own!!
  • I have the same due date as you, @iandebender‌ ! And Hopefully I make it to the 50 shades of grey premiere!!
  • I was due last Friday and if she doesn't come on her own by Thursday night, I will be induced. This means spending Valetine's Day in the hospital. I got a card and chocolates for my husband I was planning on adding to my hospital bag. I told him this year we would skip it because of baby being late, but when I saw the ferrero chocolates in the heart shaped box, I just had to get it for him (although I told him his gift was his daughter-haha). I am not expecting anything from him so we may celebrate another time or just wait until next year!
  • We are going to a jazz brunch at Geoffrey Zakarian's restaurant The Lamb's Club. I am just hoping labor holds off until after. I am really looking forward to it.
  • I also do not care for Valentine's Day. I think it would be cool to have baby on Valentine's Day. I would do some fun tradition like a heart shaped bday cake every year.
  • My induction if I don't have her naturally before then is scheduled for the 13th so I will be in the hospital for Valentine's Day.
  • Due date is the 13th so no plans but my hubby better hook me up with some chocolate covered strawberries!!!
  • My birthday is valentines day. So to me and my husband it's more than just a greeting card holiday. It's special. Plus it will probably be out last little private time before the baby comes.
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    I LOVE pretty much every holiday and valentines is no exception! I told dh that I wanted to do something extra special for our last valentine's as a family of 2.  He said that he would make the plans so I have no idea what we are doing. I will probably do my part to make sure we have some very special adult time at some point in the weekend.  Complete with massage oils candles and romantic music! Maybe I'll cook breakfast Saturday morning too? We usually go out to breakfast on the weekends so.

    edit: my due date is febr 25. so I expect to make it past valentine's day, hopefully. :-)

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