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No dilation and it sucks

I apologize in advanced of someone already posted something on this but I'm 38 weeks and I have not dilated one freakin millimeter :(. My OB says my cervix is very thin which is a good thing and that with the first pregnancy sometimes women won't dilate till labor officially starts. Mabye I'm just bitching but I feel her pushing down and it's getting excruciating. Is this a normal thing for FTMs? Am I being a crybaby?

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  • It'll happen when it happens. Your only 38 weeks so I'm not sure why your upset. You can be dilated for weeks before anything happens.
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  • Its really not a big deal. Some women fully dilate in just a few hours.

  • 40+2 here and not dilated. But I also know that can change in a matter of hours.
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  • I didn't dialate with my first son and im not dilating with this one either. I'm almost 39 weeks! I did go into labor on my own with my first so I'm sure you will too!!! :)
  • And this is why I never ask my doctor how dilated I am. Not only is it pointless until you're in labor, but it would drive me nuts if I knew I wasn't progressing.
  • My water broke this morning and I was only 1/2 cm dilated. Dilation means nothing.
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  • And this is why I never ask my doctor how dilated I am. Not only is it pointless until you're in labor, but it would drive me nuts if I knew I wasn't progressing.
    And it hurts like hell and the number doesn't even matter.

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    I was induced at 1 cm and let me tell you, it does not matter how dilated you are. I've been in labor for 24 hours now (which is not awesome). I wouldnt pay attention to dilation til you're ready to push out a baby.
  • I'm on my 3rd pregnancy, and I've never been told I dilated past a 1 before labor. No worries. The day I went into labor with my last 2 I dilated from a 1-10 in like 2 hours and had an epidural at like a 2. Dilating happens super fast at the end for some of us.
  • Dilation means nothing, I have been at 5cm for 3 weeks and no signs of labor! It's very fustrating and wish I didn't know I was that dilated.
  • I agree with Kimby883....I have a posterior cervix that was checked at 38 weeks. It hurt like hell and gave me a bunch of useless info. I'm dilated at least 3 cm and effaced 70% but it doesn't tell me a dang thing about when I'll start laboring. With our first son I was 42w+1d with no dilation and I delivered that night. It's agonizing but try to enjoy the last few days or weeks.
  • Dilation like they all have stated... Doesn't mean much. It can change so quickly or not at all. I understand the pain like the baby is having a party inside. But keep your head up. You got this!
  • Hang in there. You are allowed to cry a little bit. I didn't dialate with either of my first two and learned it was best not to ask or know. Being your first if I was going to offer any advise it would be this.....try really hard to enjoy every minute (discomfort and impatience included) before your baby comes. Once he/she does, you have to share all the amazing moments, right now they are all yours
  • No not a cry baby at all we all get emotional about different things, have a good winge and get it out. I am due on Sunday and I'm not feeling any closer to giving birth then I did 2 weeks ago... Hang in there :)
  • This is my third child, and I've been at 4cm and 80% thinned for 3 weeks now. Being dilated and staying at the same cm for weeks can be aggravating too and causes just as much frustration Bc you feel like your do close but not progressing at the same time. My doctor is inducing me on Friday at 39+1. Things happen much slower the first time around. Just be patient, sleep, and enjoy the last little but of time to yourself! Good luck to you!
  • I was 0 CM after 12 hours of labor.  Finally made it to 3 CM by hour 18.  Take your mind off of it if you can.  
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  • I wasn't dilated until my 40w4d appointment. Finally at 1cm. It will eventually dilate, just might take a while. It does suck going each week and not seeing progress.
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  • U need a hug and its ok to be emotional n frustrated :) ure just frustrated of waiting n just wanna see ur baby! Hope ur delivery will come soon :smile:
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