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My baby has gills.. lol!

This was too funny not to share! I was explaining to my younger sister that at this point in my pregnancy, 27 weeks, that baby's lungs are forming and is "practicing breathing with amniotic fluid.."

My sister, (who in all other aspects of life is a very intelligent individual) responds with "...Well does the baby have gills???"

Yeah, babies have gills, wtf! I'm not gonna let her live that one down! ;)

Has anyone else heard any ridiculous comments or questions about how babies form?! :)

Re: My baby has gills.. lol!

  • I should add that my sister is 25 years old, old enough to know better!
  • This was awesome! Thank you for a giggle :-)
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  • Lol when I told DH this earlier his question was "why?" Lmao. Well ugh cause they have to know how to breath lol.
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