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~~**TWIN MOM CHECK IN 2/6/15**~~

Good Morning twin moms!!! And happy Friday!

1. How far along are you?

2. How are you feeling physically and emotionally?

3. Any upcoming appointment? How was your last appointment?

4. Rants and raves?

GTKY: what have you enjoyed most this far while being pregnant?

Re: ~~**TWIN MOM CHECK IN 2/6/15**~~

  • days

    2. I have been sick with a cold since Monday. Staying home from work today to see the doctor and hopefully get better!!

    3. I had an appointment with my OB on Monday the twins are doing great! We have our AS on Wednesday next week.

    4. We have our gender reveal tomorrow. I am getting super excited. I am enjoying the mystery. But look forward to seeing what we will be having. I'm hoping for one of each while DH wants two baby boys! ...

    gtky: I have enjoyed my growing bump. I always thought I would enjoy eating but that is not the case, since I can't hold any food down :(
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  • 1. How far along are you? 15w 5d

    2. How are you feeling physically and emotionally?  Starting to feel a little more awkward with this growing belly, and lower back discomfort has started... Emotionally ok though!

    3. Any upcoming appointment? How was your last appointment? 16 wk US on Monday morning! Can't wait to see them!

    4. Rants and raves?  Still have insomnia--SO frustrating...

    GTKY: what have you enjoyed most this far while being pregnant? Having an excuse to take more naps!
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  • 1. 16wks1day
    2. Feeling fine, just a little tired from the lack of sleep.
    3. I had my 16 wk appt yesterday, found out their identical twin girls. Both babies are doing great.
  • Hi twin mums

    1. I'm 15w+5d.

    2. Feeling fine physically, very few symptoms, starting to get a small bump but seems like it should be bigger with 2 in there! Emotionally ok but quite anxious about something going wrong.. Normal-ish anxiety I think.

    3. Got my 16wk midwife appointment on 12th feb and next scan on 12th March. Thinking about booking an earlier private one!

    4. Just want to feel more pregnant for reassurance, would like noticeable bump and to feel babies moving!

    Gtky: feeling so lucky to be having twins!

  • 1. How far along are you? 17 weeks today!

    2. How are you feeling physically and emotionally? Physically-I've been a little more tired and I also think it has to do with my upper respiratory infection. I felt some movements on Sunday finally! Emotionally-pretty good lately!

    3. Any upcoming appointment? How was your last appointment?Appointment with OB on the 16th, hoping to find out the sex of Baby B. I call her "little girl" because I have a feeling lol. My glucose test was wednesday, so I'm just hoping everything went well.

    4. Rants and raves? Raves! Finally feeling a somewhat bump although I'm pretty sure I've still lost weight. Rants ... Just tired of being sick.

    GTKY: what have you enjoyed most this far while being pregnant? I enjoy not having to move around mannequins at work! Lol

    @steen9713‌ lol I wish I was able to enjoy eating as well!! I totally have aversions to sweets and other foods I previously liked.

    @sarums4 I love the nap thing as well! I loved sleep before but was always shamed for it haha
  • 1. 18 weeks along

    2. Physically feeling a little tired but ok. Not showing as much as i thought i would be now that i know im having twins. But definitely showing more than last week!! Emotionally freaking out! Ju st had our first ultrasound yesterday (is that weird?) and learned we are having twin boys. We had no idea!! I was sure it was a boy but thought there was only one in there!!

    3. Upcoming appointments - my next was scheduled for Feb 26 but I've been told they will need to see me a lot more now that it's twins. Expecting a call on Monday to schedule another ultrasound...

    I am nervous!
  • 1. 18 wks today

    2. Feeling pretty good. Not sleeping great some nights due to back and hip pain which my snoogle helps sometimes but not others.

    3. Had our 16 wk prelim anatomy US 2 wks ago and everything looks good and confirmed di/di girls. Have my 18 wk midwife appointment on Monday. Also went and toured the hospital the other night and met all the midwives which was great.

    4. No rants or raves really.

    The best thing has been starting to show and have people notice and then getting to tell them I'm having twins. It makes me so happy and everyone loves it!
  • 1. I'm 17+2
    2.I feel physically, mentally and emotionally great.
    3. My last appointment (15+5) was fantastic. Gemma showed her parts and her sibling left some mystery for our next u/s. It's kind of fun to let some anticipation build for our surprise on the 25th.
    4. We got our first house yesterday!!!! It's exciting, scary, wonderful and still doesn't feel real. No more smoking neighbors and double parkers! I'm grateful for 70 degree weather that we are expecting for the bulk of our move this weekend.
    Semi-rant (weak sauce) my placentas are anterior and I still haven't felt any recognizable movement from these little critters. Is it too soon to feel them press on my bladder? FTM. I peed yesterday and 5 minutes later felt like I had to go again. Sat there and produced a drip. I swear it felt like Niagara Falls was going to flow. Babies?
    GTKY: I'm both enjoying and hating that I'm not allowed to move heavy things during our move.
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  • 1. I'm 15 weeks and 5 days
    2. I feel mostly fine, I never experienced any ms and I think I'm in the clear! I have been really tired and feeling kind of awkward with my body, the front half is getting pretty heavy. I'm having trouble sleeping and still peeing a lot.
    3. My last appointment was an office visit, I asked a lot of questions and finally met my official OB. I had an NT scan at 12 weeks and the technician took an 80% guess that we're having one of each. My next ultrasound is at 18 weeks when we will confirm and I will also take a glucose test.

    Rants and raves? Not much, just eager to feel them move! I have felt hard lumps in my belly which might be them or might be the large fibroid I have in there. Looking forward to feeling them.

    4. Favorite part so far is being catered to! And also people's reactions when I say Twins!
  • Week: 19w1day

    Feeling: Emotionally I'm still kind of overwhelmed but getting really excited. We're planning on registering for stuff these boys will need & that will be cool. Physically my stomach has felt like heavy and achy lately--I'm hoping an increase in fiber will help (if you caych my gross tmi drift).

    Appts: Our next appt is for 20 week scan scheduled for 2/19. I'm really excited to get to see the babies again & am happy because I heard this one is a long scan & we'll see everything :smiley:

    Rants/raves: I can't wait to feel them move & it be unmistakably them. I'm also excited for H to be able to feel them

    GTKY: My favorite part about being pregnant is all the excitement & hope for the future. I love imagining what the boys will be like, look like & getting to know them.

    Welcome @elljay1987‌! @crason‌ congrats on the new house!!!!!
  • 1. 13w3d

    2. I'm good I still get pretty nauseous at times. Especially if I get really upset or go too long without eat/ eat too much. So pretty much always :)

    3. My next appointment is Friday. And it's and ultrasound. Then I get to see the specialist for another ultrasound on den 23rd. Doc said she would tell us the sexes then :). My last appointment was good. It was just an office visit but she did a mini ultrasound. They have a handheld ultrasound to do fast checks in exam rooms and they were good and active. All my labs also came out well.

    4. I had to call my insurance because I have bcbs and they aren't covering CHI hospitals right now and of course that is the only hospital we have here and I can't go to the other smaller hospitals that my doctor can go to since I'm having twins and all twins are considered high risk. So I will probably have to get a different doctor so I can go to the only hospital around here that my insurance accepts. Unfortunately that hospital is 20-30 min away. :-/. And my doctor knows me so well and I have to have a section. And I don't want to switch. :( stupid insurance. For a rant my husband started his new job and loved it. It's a lot more laid back and I get a day off with him. We haven't had that in years.

    Gtky: the only part I have enjoyed are the naps and getting to see my little peanuts on all of the ultrasounds :). I live that part. No matter how stressed I get I have to remember that two sweet little babies will be in my life soon. I can't wait for their big sister to meet them. :)
  • -16w 2 days

    -feeling really good. Less sick this week and I feel like I actually was able to get stuff accomplished. Starting to feel the "stretch", but I'd much rather deal with that than MS all the time!

    -saw my OB Tuesday. Everything looked good. Go back to MFM on the 19th for anatomy scans and hopefully be able to see gender.

    -I'm really neutral this week. Nothing really good or bad. I'll take it!

    -so far there hasn't been much I've enjoyed except watching the shock on people's faces when we tell them we are having twins. But now that it seems like MS is easing up a tad and I'm starting to show, I think there will be many more things I will enjoy soon.
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