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Not knowing is the hardest

Today I should be 10w 4d.  On January 25, I experienced some bleeding, and the ER diagnosed me as having a miscarriage because my ultrasound showed the baby was only 6w 5d and had no fetal pole or cardiac activity.  Yesterday I had a follow-up ultrasound to assess for need of a d&c (I have not experienced any further bleeding).  At this ultrasound, they saw a fetal pole but the gestational sac is smaller.  Blood work shows that my Hcg levels are consistent with 5-6 weeks pregnant but they are not sure yet if they are rising or falling.  I am sure of my LMP thanks to an app on my phone.  I do not know how to continue going about my day not knowing if my baby is okay or not. I don't know if I am looking for advice or for understanding, I don't know what to do in this situation.

Re: Not knowing is the hardest

  • I feel like you and I are in the exact situation. The ER dr diagnosed me with a threatenend miscarriage and my bleeding has steadily increased since I left. I need to get blood work again to see if there is a drop in levels. A part of me wants to cling to the idea that there still is hope for survival, but I know in my heart it's a miscarriage. I didn't realize when I went in that i wouldn't have a clear answer and that' makes in 10x worse. They couldn't detect a heartbeat either. :-(. I'm sorry we are dealing with this. It makes me so sad to see the number of women here.
  • Last night I ended up having awful cramps and heavy bleeding.  My doctor said she is confident that I lost the baby and now my body is passing it and is having me come in for a ultrasound to confirm everything passed next week.  I hope you get better news but I knew in my heart the second I saw blood that I was miscarrying too.  I am sorry you are in the waiting game, I never realized that it was not a clear cut yes or no.
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  • I don't have any advice, but I'm sorry you're in such an emotional position. I hope it works out... Stay positive.
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