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Waiting... that is all we do. Wait.

It has been 7 weeks that we have been waiting to hear from SW so we can finish up the home study process. 7 weeks! We were told it would take 2-4 weeks! Yes, I called to the agency few times. I was told the SW are busy and they want to make sure to give us the time we need to our process... Last I heard we were supposed to get a call this week so... we are waiting,,,

As I am tying to make this process fun and exciting as it should be, DH and I have decluttered the bedroom that will be for the kids, we painted with a nice calming blue (in my mind, that is a neutral color and so is pink!), we bought one bed and the other furniture pieces we wanted. We will wait until we are matched to see what kind of bed will be for the second. I also have been looking for deals and as they come up I buy random things as kids towels, bath stuff, and so on. This weekend we found an awesome deal on a carseat at babies r us and with the coupon I had, of course we got it! Well, as I was walking around the store, we saw a deal on hats and mittens. We bough one for girl and one for boy and I left the store thinking "I am such a good shopper". Well, I got home only to realize that those hats were 3-6 months!!! Urgh, I forgot I was at babies r us not Toys r us as I usually go to! Of course those would be for babies! Now I cant return the hats because they were sale items... so much for savings ah? Anyway... we are here...still waiting and while I wait, I keep shopping...

Re: Waiting... that is all we do. Wait.

  • I am so sorry that you are having to wait so long. I know it must be driving you crazy! It would drive me crazy!  
    Props to you for making the best of it! As for the hats.... maybe they will make good gifts?


    "Even miracles take a little time"

  • Waiting is the worst! I hope they call you soon!
    Happily married Mom to 2 beautiful little girls, 2 dogs and 2 cats (all rescues), 2 fish and one 29 year-old firebelly newt.
    ~ Hoping to add to our family by adoption via Connecticut DCF. Application submitted on 2/4/14. First home visit on 6/23/14. Started class 11/17/14.~

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