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Night waking

Hello ,

I am new to this board and I had a question.

My daughter turned 1 almost 3 weeks ago and since then she started to wake up at night for 2-3 hours (every 2 days)! At first it was a tooth that was coming in , but now we don't know what is the problem. We give her milk sometimes , check her diaper and nothing works! She has pacifiers and when she wakes up she throws them on the floor and starts screaming. We are tired and don't know what to do. We did try to let her fall asleep, but she keeps crying .


Re: Night waking

  • Unfortunately sleep regression issues will come and go. There is not much to do but ride it out and know that this too shall pass. Just do your best to keep to your normal routine. When wake ups happen keep the room dark and quiet and don't encourage play. Im all for giving a soothing bottle to get through the rough patches but be careful it does not become a habit. Ive been known to climb in the crib with my DD to get her to go back to sleep. Chances are your DD went through a developmental leap combined with the teething. Good Luck Mama!
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  • it's happening for me too. DS is right about the same age as yours (Jan 22 birthday). i know he's going through a developmental stage (moving up a classroom at daycare, transitioning from bottle to sippy cup, walking, etc...). i'm trying to ride it out and definitely sticking to our midnight snack routine. he typically sleeps through the night but IF he wakes up crying this is what i stick to - change diaper, 1/2 size bottle of what he typically gets during the day, feeding him with lights out no noice, back to crib immediately. he usually falls asleep in my arms that way and stays asleep.
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  • My DS did this (is doing this).  At 13 mos, waking every 2 hrs.  My DH and I are doing shifts.  He's doing a bit better a month later.  I attributed it to teething (3 news ones past two weeks, another on the way), but he also had a cold for a bit, is practically running (new skills to practice) - oh, heck- who knows.  My DD did this also, which we attributed to her molars.  It was so bad we co-slept for a while.  I hope you can get through this stage (or if it persists find a solution).

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