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White noise

So, we have been using a white noise CD for naps and overnight but my husband has started asking about turning it down or even off at night since the house is quiet. He is concerned our LO will become "addicted" to it and need it to sleep and because he isn't sure what it's doing to his hearing or brain. I am starting to research since I don't know either, and wondered if any of you had done some research already. We have it about 6 feet from his head and at a pretty low to medium level. Thanks!

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  • I am not an expert but I have slept with a fan on my entire life and I have a fan in my LO room. I also have one of those stuffed animal sound machines. What's nice about it is that it turns itself off after 45 min. I do think it can be addicting but I also like the idea of having a buffer sound always cause I have a dog. I don't think it will mess up his hearing or brain. It's soothing to them. If it bothered them they wouldn't go to sleep :)
  • We use a sound machine as well. I asked my SIL how she stopped using it with my niece. She said she would just turn it lower every day or so and it was simple as that. Hopefully it's that easy for us too.
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  • @mdarmetko‌ Do you know when you SIL phased it out with you niece? Thanks!
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